Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Verma aunty informs mataji that i saw a guy leaving from your house with some cartons, all are shocked, khushi says if someone was going from my door that doesnt mean that he was thief, mausiji says to verma aunty to mind her own business, verma aunty says i just came to told you what i have seen i dont care she leaves from there, khushi smirks.
In night, sid comes home and sees dark in his house, roli opens the lights, sid sees whole room decorated with their pics, he takes roli in his arms and ask i am forgetting something? he says i love you the most, i cant feel special without my roli, roli gives him halwa but sid says i have to go to give file, roli says to eat first, roli says its been long since we talked, i miss you, sid kisses her hand and says i

miss you too. he leaves roli is sad.

Scene 2
khushi in her room says to boby that i am geting in trouble because of you, sid comes there, Sid gives Sonia a file and says i want your signatures on it. She says I will give it to you tomorrow I wanna read the file. he says ok and leaves. khushi says how will i sign the papers i dont know her sign, she says i will practice it, she start practicing but says i cant do it, its difficult, boby says just calm down, i will try, he tries but fails, they say we cant do her sign, what will happen now.

Scene 3
In morning, roli gives lunch box to sid, simar says these days you are not to be seen in house, he says its just work load. khushi comes there with boby, sid ask did you sign the papers? she says no, he ask is there any problem in contract? she says no problem is with my hand, she shows her hand which has bandage on it, roli ask what happened, she says i got sprain in my hand last night, sid says not to worry, just try, she sits and takes the pen, she pretends to be in pain, all comes there and ask what happened, she shows them her hand, janvi says let me see, janvi is about to open her bandage, khushi thinks there is nothing on my hand, if she opens it then i will be in trouble, boby says what are you doing janvi, i wrapped bandage a little while ago, if you open it then it will pain her moe, janvi says you are riht, she wraps around her hand again.
Boby and khushi comes in room laughing, she says you have become good boby reading on internet too much, she takes out her mask to rest, boby says we have to repair mask asap, khushi says soon we will be successful then i will not have to bear this mask, she says this family hates me alot. they will not accept me easily but i have plan, boby ask what she says nothing,,,

Scene 4
Janvi comes in hospital, all greets her, simar comes and gives her lunch saying you forgot it, one nurse tells about application are submitting to become head nurse. simar says to janvi you can also apply it , janvi says because of marriage and a long gap in my jobb i dont think i deserve this designation.

Scene 5
Khushi thinks that now i have to take my first step, step toward sankalp my sweer husband, i have to make him on my side, sankalp comes there, khushi hugs him from behind and says boby said that when two heart meet then distances decreases, he says boby said that, she says yes, she says i realized that one should not judge the depth of water just by standing at the bank of river. She says i want to take our marriage to new level, i want to remove distance between us, sankalp says everything has right time and when it will come then we will get to know about it, he leaves. she says how much you try but i will bite you.

Scene 6
On breakfast table, Simar ask janvi about head nurse, sujata ask what, janvi informs about designation of head nurse, sujata says to not become head nurse as work load will be double, janvi says i just joined back and there are other senior nurses so i will not become head nurse. sujata says that we should send sankalp and sonia on honeymoon, all says is good idea, mataji says but sonia has hurt her hand so wait for a while, sonia(khushi) says to mataji that if you allow so can i book my resort on my own as my agent will do all preparations of travelling and all, mata says why not, mausi jokes that she will plan her whole honeymoon on her own. Khushi thinks this is chance i have been waiting for now you will be mine sankalp. now my plan will be successful.

PRECAP- In operation theater, doctors and janvi are treating a patient, doctor says patient is not responding, other says now only miracle can save him and only our new neurologist Dr. Arora can do that, we see a new doctor arora coming in hospital, he wears his uniform, face is not shown.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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