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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali comes to Atul and says this is what you did. You lied that this is regional ad. He says this is not my decision. It was client. She says I don’t care. Get this ad shut. Atul laughs. Anjali says don’t think its funny. I can sue you and your stupid client. He says you can’t because I remember you said if your family gets to know they will get mad at you. She says are you blackmailing me? He says no I am making a deal. You have to give me 10 lacs to stop this. Anjali says forget it. Give me that client’s number. I am a married woman and my family has a reputation. Stop this ad. I won’t ever shoot for you again. He says sure call the client but wait a second before this you signed a contract. According to that you cant discuss anything with client

nor can you say no to client. He has complete right to drag you in the court. He says when you get in court your family will know. When you were posing with you forgot that you are a married woman? Either you breach the contract or take my deal. Anjali leaves.

Anjali meets KB and tells her. She says my marriage will end. I lied to Vikram. KB says you have to give that agent money. Anjali says where will I give from? If I ask dad or Vikrma’s dad they will ask me a lot of questions. Please do something KB. you have savings. Kb says I can’t. sankalp sees all the money I hardly have anything in hand. Kb says you can sell your jewelry. Anjali says saroj will ask me. Kb says don’t tell her. Anjali says its in locker. I don’t have password. KB says I don’t know if I can help you with other things but I can help you with this.

Scene 2
Piyush gets a call.. He says hello. Vaadahi is that? A woman says sir I am from zerotell,can I call you? He says no you can’t. I was busy blo*dy idiots. Simar comes in and says what is that way to talk? Mataji says we are all worried for her? Piyush says why should we worry for her? She left by her choice. She doesn’t care for us. He leaves. Simar says he is very upset. he loves Vadahi. Simar says how will we calm him down? Prem says everything will be all right. Simar says you take all my worries away. Prem says he is my son. I promise I will handle everything for him. I will walk him to the right path. Mataji says we will do pooja and then go to meet anjali tomorrow. Simar says we will meet her.

VAdahi says on call. Thank you so much. I will come tomorrow. Thank God I got this job. She says its not easy for me to go away from you piyush don’t create problems for me. I am not the right girl for you. In two days I will go away from you forever.

anjali says to saroj you put my earrings in the pocket. I want it for the shoot. Saroj says its in the locker. Password is.. Anjali says no no don’t tell me password. You are elder. You give me yourself. Saroj says okay come with me. Anjali is using her locker. Saroj writes the password. She gives anjali her earrings. Anjali says this diamond necklace is so pretty. Saroj says its our family necklace. anjali takes out camera and says I will know the password of locker now.

Roshni comes and sees Piyush sleeping on the sofa. She says look at him. She sits next to him. Roshni comes close to kiss him. He wakes up. she says I was waking you up. He says i will get fresh then we will have coffee. If there is a call let me know.
Someone calls and says you posted about that vadhai. I saw her near Dehli lounge. Piyush asks whose call is it? Give me the phone? Roshni turns the phone off. Piyush says hello.. He says my phone turned off. She says battery must have ended. It was a wrong number. Let me put it on chargee. Roshni blocks and deletes the number.

Khushi says to Anjali now you don’t even know the password according to them so they won’t accuse you. Anjali says I feel nervous. Khushi says that is your right. Anjali says yeah. Kb says all the best.

Precap-Atul texts Anjali arrange the money soon or I will send your family. Doorbell rings, Saroj goes towards gate and receives a parcel.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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