Sasural Simar Ka 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji says we can do anything for Simar. Kruna says yes mata ji you are right. Devika says that idol shouldn’t be brought in this house. Devika says to khushi i have to do this idol’s staptha before Simar comes here.
Simar says I am going to bring this idol. Prem says I will come with you. Prem says I hope this solutions works. Simar says in heart i am not your simar anymore. You have no idea what you are wanting for yourself.

Prem comes in devika’s house. she is no where. Simar says where is the idol? Everything will be destroyed if we dont find it. Prem and simar come home. Prem syas we couldnt find the idol. The door was open. Simar says where can that go. patali leaves.

Simar says to patali has khushi done this? Patali says no I know who has done this. I will bring it back. You just handle the situation here. Patali says i will teach this devika.
The shadow says be careful your powers can weaken there. Patali says i need that idol. Shadow says i can come with you but i can tell you the path only. Patali says I am coming devika.
Prem comes home and says devika is nowhere. We couldn’t find her anywhere. Mataji says i hope she is okay. Where is simar? roli says she is resting in her room.
Simar comes downstairs in a black sari. Everyone is dazed. Mataji says what is she wearing?

Devika says patali is after this idol. She can never reach it now. patali says where are you devika? Devika hears her voice. Shadow says your powers are weak here. Patali says once I find your devika you will be served with the worst.

Simar says gaitri asked me to wear black. Mataji says gaitri wont suggest anything that would harm our family. Let simar do what gaitri said. simar says she also asked me to do pooja.

Precap-Devika says you have to kill me to get that idol. Patali says nothing can stop me from making simar my slave. She throttles Devika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this z wat kind of shit z going on…..first of all der d b no kind of such patali devi…even all tantra vidyas n dayans prayer for ugra roop of maa durga of bhairav…
    n killing devika z v.bad…it shows dat..matarani ke bhakton ko isa hi marna padta hai…aur vo bhi…after chanting such a grt prayer roopam dehi jayam dehi…..frm durga saptasati…
    indrawati says thd powerful chandi aim hree kleem chamundaya viche..n says her devi patali devi….
    totAlly a nice story became a

  2. Today over makeup for simar it dint look good……without makeup she looked more beautiful…..

  3. yes over make up but she is beautiful in black saree but prem doesnot like her.

  4. I like ssk than my life.
    I have never missed any episode till today. Anyhow till today they haven’t told us how they defeated Indravathi in past. Simar’s new form is super.

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