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Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says they made their mind that they would send you to some orphanage. They were helpless. But I couldn’t let that happen. I would never let you go. They were scared. I was scared but I couldn’t lose you. That was the most difficult moment of my life. I went against my whole family. The family that loved me more than a child. I was incomplete without them. That day I decided the most difficult thing. I had to choose between you and my whole family and I chose you. She sits there in tears. Piyush hugs her and sits there in tears. Simar says nothing is more important for a mother than her child. That is why I chose you. I wanted to take Anjali with me as well. but that didn’t happen. So I had to leave there. You are like what I wanted. You never made me regret.

Piyush says I am really sorry. You sacrificed everything for me and I am questioning from you. Please pardon me. You saved me but your daughter.. It was injustice with her. Simar says this is the only regret. When whole family was there my Anjali is this way. I left her on their responsibility. I realized my whole family is broken. There is nothing left. Piyush says you say time and love heals everything. You should go, go to your daughter. Make her realize that you are with her. Simar says but she hates me. Piyush says she feels that. Thats her anger not hatred. Simar says they don’t even wanna see my face. Piyush says why are you worried today? No one can stay mad at you. Simar says you think Anjali? Piyush says yes she will agree. She needs you just go.

Anjali tells Prem that Simar came and said she has right on this property. Mataji says she didn’t say that. Bring her back. Prem says even her shadow wont come here. Simar comes in and says where soul resides you can’t stop shadow from coming there. Prem recalls their old times. He recalls when she left. Prem says who are you. Maaji says thats you simar. Prem says papa take mataji inside her room. All of you go in your rooms. I don’t want her shadow on my family. They take Mataji in room. Mataji says don’t do this. Simar.. Don’t go simar.. They all go in their rooms. Khushi says Anjali lets go. Simar says Anjali.. Prem says stop. I can’t even imagine you can stoop this low. What you thought? you would come back after 20 years and use Anjali. You want share in property? I was so wrong about you. That time was wrong when I thought that you were a good human when I loved you. Simar says right or wrong at least you accepted that you loved me once. Prem says it is true like my hatred for you today. There is nothing left between us and no love. Simar says signing those papers you broke our relation. but can it break a mother’s relation with her daughter? This is not your wife asking for her rights. This is a mother and no one can stop her from meeting her child. Prem claps. Prem says keep one thing in mind, Anjali hates you way more than I do. So you better leave. Simar says i know that she hates me. i left her but what option did I have? Anjali had you all but who did my son have? I beg you, let me hug my daughter once. She will also realize her mom loves her. Prem says its too late. Simar says I won’t hear a no this time. I am going to meet my daughter. Prem stops her and says I won’t let that happen. He asks watchman to take her out. Watchmen drag Simar out.

Khushi says to Anjali wear headphones so you don’t hear that woman. Anjali says i wanna hear her crying. This heals my wounds.
Watchmen throw simar in the street. Simar says please open the door. Let me come in once. Please Anjali give me a chance. Simar says papa please.. Sankalp please let me in once. Amar please. Why are you all quite. Listen to me once. Prem says why hasn’t she left. watchman says we can’t do anything she is in street. Simar says Premji please let me in. prem shuts the window. Prem says what you want Simar.

Piyush is worried. He says its so late and maa is not back. has she met anjali or not? She left her phone here as well.
Cops come and arrest simar. Simar says who complained? Prem says I did. Inspector says he complained that you are harassing them. Prem says leave her after one warning she should know the consequence of harassing someone. She has lost the way. Make sure she reaches her real family. Police take Simar with them. Anjali says bye bye and smirks.
Prem locks the door. He says it took me years to be this way. Now I am not old Prem. This Prem won’t let you in this house and his life.

Precap-Mataji is on stairs and says no one will come near me. She slips from stairs. Sankalp says let me get a taxi. Piyush comes in and says that wont be needed. Mataji says you have simar’s teachings and your face looks like Prem.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Till now amar not get married ah…

  2. where does all the ghosts went in sasural simar ka..are they on holiday??? there is no ghost drama now…cheapest of the cheap show..all rashmi sharma shows are like this.. endless saagas ..saathiya bhi..

  3. There is nothing cheap about Sasural simar ka.its very good that the story returns to the social drama like it was is remarkable that Rashmi Sharma has the ability to capture the interest of the viewers once again.
    One feels sad for Simar and also Mata ji.The three Bahus have come out in their true colours.They were never really good.Though one always thought that Uma Bahu was a good hearted person.
    Why does Amar step in and help Simar?

  4. yes rashmi has the ability to take her audience back and sasural simar ka may be bad boring dragging and all but not cheap
    now i guess piyush will enter the house without revealing his identity and stay there as a guest
    eagerly waiting for upcoming episodes

  5. i am ur fan and will always be ur fan dipika kakar no matter how ur show runs

  6. ssk is completing 1600 episodes today

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