Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini says now wait and see what i do to you people. Amar says mohini stop there. She wanders and goes upstairs. Rajhinder says what will happen now? Karuna says lets prepare for mata ji’s welcome.
Mata ji comes back home, everyone comes back home. Jhanvi says thank God you are back.Mata ji says where is pari? simar says pari bhabhi took the blame to save me from mohini. she put her in a pot too. Simar says we will bring them back. And where is prem? I will find the out soon. Mata ji says keep your trust in God.I know you will bring them back. Simar takes the garland off from Mata ji’s photo. Mata ji says entire credit goes to simar. uma says yes and that witch is in the room, maybe she is scared. She has not come out of the room. Mata ji says she came here?

says we should check. She wont sit quite. Inspector says you are right. We should go to her room.

They all go upstairs. Amar knocks at the door and says Mohini open the door. Inspector breaks the door. Mohini has hung herself from the ceiling. Everyone is dazed.
Sujata says why she killed herself here? Karuna says i can’t believe this. Mata ji says I had some hope that at least sunanda was alive.But inspector said that sunanda has killed herself from a piece of glass too. she slit her wrists. How will we brin back our family? Simar recalls sunanda saying mohini will make her alive again.
Mata ji says please show us a way God. And Prem we don’t even know where he is. Please help us. Those witches took my kids from me too. Sujata says where are my sons? Karuna says don’t give up. Simar says kill me my daugghter will make me alive again. Mata ji says what? Simar says this is what sunanda said in jail. Mata ji yes she did. Simar says the game has not ended yet. And they are still in. We are doing what they wanted us to. amar says what you mean? Simar says they ruined our family why would they kill themselves? Just because of a pooja? No. They are so powerful. Amar says so this is a trap? Simar says yes this is. Amar says but one of them should have been alive? Or there has to be a third person? Simar says yes there can be a third person? We have to bring their bodies here and burn them. Rajhinder says simar is right. Sankalp says yes we will be satisfied. Mata ji says shalu and amar go to police station and bring them here. We will burn their corpses.

Precap-Simar and amar ring the doorbell. Simar says why is anyone not opening the door? Amar says don’t know if someone is home or not? Someone peeks outside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. is ssk ending?? please tel me…

  2. monday or tuesday we will see prem…. waiting for rosid, pari and anjali back in ssk…. rosid please come back soon.. waiting for rosid..

  3. precap i think she is mohini… now she back and send cat inside baradwaj house to drop pots down means ghade ko thodne ke liye she sending… rosid,pari, anjali ka jaan katare me hai now…… hope nothing can happend them… simar saves them.. monday or tuesday we will see prem.. hope soon we will see rosid anjali and pari.. please bring rosid back.. hope rosid back soon in ssk.. rosid please come back soon…

  4. precap is wrong someone came to bharadwaj house with cat.. and tells to the cat that go and kill roli,sid,anjali and pari…(ghado ko thod kar aana).. they shows 4 pots in which sid,roli,anjali, pari are there…… and she leaves the cat infront of bharadwaj house…

  5. Who will be tat third person????
    I guess she might be tat rajkumari because she was shown is such a way tat no one can kill her she is sooo powerful but they showed she died due to a bullet frm gun…..i think she might but not sure….

    1. dont no akshu.. but i am eagerly waiting to see rosid back in ssk.. and waiting to see rosid dance in colors ganesh chathurthi pooja celebrations… please rosid come back in ssk please…

  6. Sandya wen is tat program yaar???rosid dance??

    1. on ganesh festival yaar .. next month lord ganesh festival celebration wirth colors family its unique.. by one song dance performanece roli-sid; simar-prem; ishani-ranveer-shikar; dhruv-tapki-bihen; rocky-chakor;lakshya-ranini-swara-sanskar;dhani-vipul; etc……. doing dance perfomance of the celeberation.. shooting will be 22,23,24th this month….. dont no exact date. to air this progrm.. may be it will be air on ganesh chathurthi which is next month…

      ” some one told regarding ssk ending rashmi sharma told its rumour ssk is not ending and someone telling vikranth and surbhi ka re entry hogi,.. they torture prem and simar… ” i dont know about this news but someone told i read some where i am telling….

      1. Is the dance sequence is crossover episode ofall colors serials in ssk or its a separate dance show??

  7. who is the lady ??? is it new entry?? or mohini?? whose hand is that… who is she??

  8. Plz bring rosid back really .roli is not al given importance like before .i dont know y ?

  9. Sandya, r u from SSK team?

  10. i dont know this news is right or wrong.. i read in deepika samson fanpage.. i am telling you all…
    we arecoming with you about ssk…
    firstly ssk is not ending soon….
    we heard that after ending of mohini and sunanda track… bot rosid and premar track will come…
    you will see some new characters in ssk ana and and those are vikranth and surabhi.. they returned to ssk and they will make trouble for premar again…. rosid will meet with an accident and so lost their memory….
    so stay tuned for updates..
    deepika samson fans page..

    this news may be true or not.. lets wait and see/..

  11. Miss u rosid plz cum back soon without u i cant c ssk plz bring them back writers

  12. Again memory loss for rosid????nooo let they live happily for some days so tat v can see a lot of nokjoke

    1. we dont no whethr the news is right or wrong.. lets wait and see till we get news regarding this news in any segment or and in india forum news .. lets wait and see…. the upcoming track.. finger crossed for rosid,… dont get tensed about this news..and hope good.. may be its plan or something… we are not aware this.. just we heard the news thats it… if it happen we came to know through segmnt.. but nothing like that till now… lets wait and see.. rosid nokhjoke will be there… finger crossed..

    2. we didnt get any news akshu.. lets wait for mohini and sunanda track completed…. after that we know about upcoming track through segmnts or india-forum..

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