Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maani says simar don’t give up there is a lot you have to see. There are more people in story too. Simar says what have you done to them. Maani says see yourself. Sid says to prem amar tell him what to do with the girl. Go sit in front of the girl and eat. But don’t kiss her. You can’t do all that here. Drop her home and come back home. Say something. Prem is quite. Sid says I should go with him. He will ruin everything. Mata ji says I am not sending him alone. Amar will go with him. keep and eye on him amar and tell me everything.

Mani says poor prem, he is going to meet me. Simar says don’t do this. Maani says you can’t meet him and your maa ji is dying. After that her organs will be sold out. You can never have her back.
See you in hotel

talash tomorrow. You can meet him there last time. Simar says where is maa ji? Maani says you have to find that out yourself. I am getting late. I have to meet someone special today.
Simar says she will meet at 5. I can save both if I want. I have to find ou where maa is? She checks that there are 4 doctors who do kindey transplant. Simar says I have to check all these and find where maa is.

Simar comes to city hospital she asks about the doctor. Nurse says he is busy in an operation. simar says is it of an old woman? nurse says we cant tell you. Simar hears nurse talking about sujata. She says that means maa is coming here. Simar sees sujata on wheelchair. She runs after her. Simar says leave her. She is my maa. I wont leave you if something happens to her. Prerna comes and says what is happening here? Prerna says simar you here? She sends out all the security. Simar says i will explain you everything but maa’s life is in trouble. She says tell me what I will help you. simar says you have to stop her operation. Prerna says tell me what should I do? Prerna says I trust you. Simar asks where is Ot? Simar says I have to go meet prem. Prerna says I will handle everything here. Go meet prem. simar says please take care of maa here.
Prerna says to jhavni you have to bring these meds. She goes in Ot.

Simar comes to hotel. She can’t find prem. Doctor is coming towards sujata.
Simar goes to a man and says prem ji.. its not him. Simar says I am sorry. The man says its okay.
Prerna says I have to take her out. She picks sujata. Someone comes in. Simar says that means maani fooled. Simar sees prem coming. He stops when he sees her. He waves her.

Precap-Prem is going towards his car. Simar says stop prem. She runs after his car.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hoo God.!!!!
    V guyzz watch this ssk only for watching the romance of rosid..
    but u guyzz nevr tried to undrstand that and making new tracksss…
    if roli come back..,v will be back at watching ssk…

  2. Please protest and comment on Facebook Instagram snapchat and ssk pages to bring Avika back

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