Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem trips over in the room. Simar holds him. He says i know you are fine after all this as well. you threw away the symbol of my love for you. simar says it has never been parted from my heart. He laughs and says i was near your heart too. Simar says please don’t get me wrong. i did this so i can.. he says so you can what? You know why I drank? because i feel alone. i used to share my sorrows with you, but there is no such relationship between us now. you know when your weakness becomes your pain, you shatter, I shattered as well. Relationship is like needles of clock if they don’t sync properly the right time never comes. same will happen to us. He sleeps on bed. Simar recalls their happy moments together.

Roli calls mata ji, mata ji says why did you call here.

roli says i was missing you all so much, is everything okay there? mata ji says everything is fine here. After some days everything will be good. Mausi ji comes in, mata ji hides her phone. Mausi ji asks whom were you talking to at this time? Mata ji says why didn’t you sleep? Mausi ji says i had to give you your medicine. Mataji says when you are around i have a lot of strength. Mausi ji says don’t make me emotional. She gives her medicine. Mata ji says our amily will be out of trouble soon. Mausi ji says what abut prem? Mata ji says i will talk to him tomorrow. sattu screams mata ji mausi ji prem sattu please come here. They all go to sujata’s room. Sujata says please bring sid. they all come in. Rajhinder says fever is on her mind. Mata ji says call doctor. She asks uma to bring cold water and stripes.
Doorbell rings, simar says it must be doctor, let me check. Simar opens the door, Its sid. Sujata says sid will come. Simar is dazed to see sid. Aryan says sorry to disturb you at this time, my car has broken down and my phone’s battery is dead. can i use your phone? Simar says in heart what new game is rajveer playing with us now?

Rajveer says after today there will be no happiness in bharadwaj house anymore. Maya says i was mad at what you did with me, sid and roli. But by sending sid to kill his own family you are making the biggest mistake. Evil never triumphs, i took a lot of time to learn that. but you have time. i have lived with that family i know them very well. you will lose in the end because truth wins. he says are you trying to scare me? she says i am warning you with their love and unity. They are so nice that they make outsiders their own people and sid is their own son. He says i am glad to see that you care about me but you should care about them. I will destruct that family. No one will ever be able to break the cycle of my game. Rajveer says maya ji take out a chit from your beautiful hands. He extends a bowl. He says why are you scared? you just said i am nothing in front of unity of bharadwaj family. She takes out a chit. He laughs when he opens the chit. He says this is fun, you bowled most powerful playing. It has name of prem on it. He says you know what you have done? you have given death to prem. He will fall prey to sid at first. you decided it, not I.

Precap-sid says i am sorry to know about your son but i can’t pretend to be sid. Mataji request him He says okay i can stay here for some time as sid. Simar says thank you so much but we don’t need you to.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lol hate how they r makin sid a bad character in front of everyone’s eyes why hate rajveer

  2. Ya ur rite i dnt want Sid in negative role

  3. Waiting for episode wen Maya gets her nagmani back….

    1. i don’t want help sid and save him,it should be roli…he should come back…to roli…with roli love…not maya..if she -ve r +ve i just hate her..(because of her today sid is far from roli and family)…he is now against to his family…really can’t see this worst serial any more..if i see roli..trying change sid…will bring back sid ..really i will be happy…waiting for that moment…

  4. Prem reacting too much, he always miss understand Simar. Y cant he trust her, if his love is true means he has to trust her la.

  5. yeah.. 1st end prem’s character… he is disturbing simar a lot… or chnge prems character as understanding husband…

  6. Getting worst day by day… Yes siddhu u r rit.. Me too wish d same

  7. why does rajveer want revenge what has the family ever done to him??!

  8. prem should trust simar co in the past whenever simar has had to ide somehting its always turned out to be right he never trusts her omg hate him now

  9. rajveer z son of manoranjan mousi…tiz mentionsd in wikipedia..may b she had met her son in jail ..n they both want 2 take revenge..
    no one want 2 c mousi in _ve role…

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