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Sasural Simar Ka 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali says we won. I am the best no one can compete me in dance. Shanaya says that was not fair. Anjali says we won. I am the best. Is there anyone who can challenge me in dance? Simar says I accept your challenge. Anjali says do you even know about dance? Simar says action speaks louder than words. Anjali says lets start then.
Anjali and Simar do a face off. Simar does the classical dance. Everyone applauds for Simar while Anjali slips. Shanaya says you danced so well. Simar says once it was a priority of my life but they change with time. So I paused it. Now my kids are my world. And their bringing up my mission. Anjali says that is why you let me down. Simar says pride and appreciation are different things. Simar says drink water. Anjali shoves the glass away and shouts

I am sick of your lectures. Simar says its a birthday party don’t create scenes. Anjali says you have been creating scenes in my life. Simar says let’s go home. Anjali says don’t dare touching me. Shanaya says anjali calm down. Anjali says you are on her side too. You said she made good cakes. Anjali goes out. SImar says I apologize you all on her behalf.

Roshni says how can Anjali do this and be so rude to Simar? Piyush says I wanted to take ma out of that house but I realize how important it is for her. Rohan says relax. Piyush says I have never felt so helpless. Rohan says we have to do something that we get to know whats going on there. Roshni says I have the idea.

Simar says Anjali calm down. Anjali says everyone was laughing at me. Don’t touch me. Simar says I was just.. Anjali says you came in my life so you can take whoever I love from me.. SImar says you are getting me wrong. Anjali says you are that snake.. Mataji slaps Anjali and says is this how you talk to your mom? Anjali says how dare you slap me. You are a burden on this house and whole world. Why don’t you die. She shoves Mataji. Simar shouts Anjali.. Prem is about to slap Anjali. simar stops him. Simar says mataji is our elder. She can do whatever she wants. Anjali says whatever and is going to her room. Simar stops her and says apologize mataji by touching her feet. Anjali says I won’t. Prem says you have to apologize. Anjali says I have not done any mistake that I have to apologize. Simar says do I have to remind you about rules.. Anjali says I dont care about any court.
Simar says mataji I am really sorry on her behalf. Mataji says take me to my room please. Prem nods at her. Simar takes Mataji to her room.

Simar rests Mataji. Simar gives her a sheet. Mataji says did you see? Everything is ruined in our family. Now you are back. You will handle everything. Simar is in tears. Mataji don’t be mad at Anjali. Simar says he is mad at me. Everyone is. Prem too. Mataji says Prem can never be mad at his simar. He just pretends, he is mad at himself. She was incomplete. He never lived without you. He still loves you like he did. You two are made for each other. Talk to your Prem. Let the frustration out. Talk to him. Simar says it’s too late. You should sleep. don’t turn off the lamp. I feel scared in dark. Simar kisses her forehead.

Prem is drinking in his room. He recalls how Anjali behaved. Simar sees him and recalls what mataji said. Simar gives him glass of milk. Prem stands up and continues with his drink. Simar says don’t fill too much bitterness in you. Prem says the people who give you bitterness shouldn’t talk about sweetness. SImar says we spent so many good times together. don’t they bring smiles on your face?
Prem says people living in memories die every day I am not one of them. Simar says our relationship might have broken but not the rope. That’s Anjali. Can’t we keep our issues aside and stand for her. We are her parents.. We can bring her on right track. Prem says stop. I will never let you stand next to me no matter what. simar says I didn’t come here to ask for anything. If you have forgotten then let me remind you nothing can keep my daughter away from me. I will live here with her. Prem says we will know in the court tomorrow. You should start packing. This is your last night in this house. Simar says we will see who is right in the court. Me or you.

Precap-In court, Simar says Anjali must be on her way. Judge says if she doesn’t come we will start proceedings without her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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