Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Doctor says she is weak because of fast. Piyush says let me bring her juice. Simar says I won’t, Mataji says what is this simar? Simar says its my karwa chauth. I fasted for my husband’s long life. I can only complete if husband breaks the fast himself. KB comes and says what are you people doing? This is a husband’s wife. Why do you want to break her fast. Sankalp says you keep your mouth shut.
Prem is about to drink water. Piyush holds his hand. Prem says how dare you.. Piyush says ma has fasted she won’t eat or drink until you make her. Please I beg you, he sits in his feet. Piyush says for once forget your anger and break her fast. Prem kicks him and says you two started your drama again. Piyush says you really think ma is doing drama? I thought

after so long you could learn her tears but I was so wrong. There is so much difference between you and her. She never let her identity of being your wife change but you accused it. She always fasted on Karwa chauth and broke it seeing your photo. Hoping that one day you will do it yourself. Because of me, she left your house but she could never leave you. This relation is her life but she doesn’t know that your soul is dead. He leaves.
Doctor says why are you not understanding she has to eat. Amar says simar please. Piyush says ma don’t be stubborn papa won’t come. Prem comes in. Prem comes in and makes simar drink water. KB is dazed. Mataji says world can’t part them. prem says done with your drama you all? He leaves.

Scene 2
In the morning Anjali pyarya make breakfast.. She says oh he is Piyush. Piyush comes in and says I am both. I am making breakfast for ma I will make for you as well sis. Anjali says I am not your sis okay. Piyush says God made you that and you can’t change it. Should I make breakfast? Anjali says no. KB says yes. Anjali says what? KB says yes where would we find a better servant. Piyush says you don’t become servant by doing your house chores. KB says see he is such a good servant. Piysuh says you don’t know me yet, you will. I will make breakfast for everyone. He goes out.

Piyush serves everyone breakfast. Mataji says it is so good. Piyush says its healthy and tasty. KB says you make breakfast and fool so good. Just like your mom. Prem comes downstairs. Mataji says Prem sit and have breakfast Piyush made it. Prem says so this is what you can do? You said yesterday you can support your mom. Piyush says our women work in houses doesn’t mean they don’t have any other skilled. And I will continue my old job. Matjai says my prayers are with you. Prem leaves. Mataji says this means you will go to office daily? Piysuh says I wont let myself and be my mother a burden. She is my responsibility. Rajhinder says we all wish you best of luck. Simar says come sit and eat. I will serve. Piyush says no ma you eat first.

Piyush says on call, what are you saying? Lawyer says Simar has won the case. She can’t be separated from Anjali. Prem says Anjali is my daughter.
Matjai says to Simar you have won the case. Piyush says are you happy ma? SImar says I am healed. AMar says you won. SImar says I didn’t come here to win. I came here for my daughter. Once I win Prem and Anjali’s trust again that day I will be happy. Pari says KB what will we do now? Uma says yes. Piyush gets a call from Roshni and Rohan. They say congrats. Rohan says I am so happy that you are joining the office again. Piyush tells them about winning the case. He says we can live here with our right. Roshni says congrats. sumit says one more thing, you won’t join the old designation but as senior marketing manager. Rohan says oh you got promoted. Roshna says congrats. Piyush says thank to Sumit.
Mataji says Simar will do the arti today. Mataji says gives prsad to Anjali. Anjali says I don’t want it. Simar says what you did. She picks up the parsad. Simar says stop Anjali this is God’s parsad. You have done a sin. I know you are unhappy about the case but this is the truth and you better accept it. Don’t think because of verdict my decision would change. Nothing can separate me from this house. I am glad about one thing that without reason some people wont be able to question me being here. Anjali says yeah dance with happiness and make them dance too. Keep one thing in mind you can’t do that me. Prem says neither to me. Anjali says why are you so shocked? You think dad would still support you? No he won’t. Prem says enough anjali. I am tired of you both. Prem says Anjali go to your room. Prem says stay away from anajli. It is my responsibility how to handle anjali. I have decided her future. Everything will be over tomorrow.

Precap-Anjali picks the landline phone, she throws it away. Prem says why are you behaving this way? Anjali says some Singhaniya called. He and his son are coming to see me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gosh, this serial has become a joke, is it for real? Boring. How can a father kick his own son? The crap these writers dabble with, is astounding. RIP…….. I see there are no comments since a while,…. Good, keep it up writers.

  2. One more thing….that girl doing the role of kb or kushi? She owns a pair of ugly lips, so says my husband. She looks freaking frightening when she curls her lips.

  3. Kb looks like b*t*h

  4. P.N. Bhargava

    Billo is the most stupid and evil charcter. She should be kicked out.

    Billo is the ,ost stupid and evil character / She should be kicked out.

  5. KB is the real evil.

  6. How can be prem don’t understand simar????????

    What is the meaning of the relationship without any hope ??????

    Don’t drag the story line and pick Sanju with Rosid quick.
    If there is Roli is alive these are all don’t would happened.

    I want their reentry soon. plsssssssss

    1. Rosid r best ssk is nothing without rosid…to b frank I don’t want rosid back in this disgusting serial

  7. I hate KB, Anjali and Prem. What Prem did to Piyush was worse than what Simar did to Anjali. And this Khushi…. Aghhhhh God kill her please.

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