Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra says I wont leave you simar. Where have you ran? I will kill you today. I will end your life. I will find you. You are a fool to think you can hide from me. She reads a mantra. In her mind, she sees a location of jungle. She says oh so you are there. Run as much as you can. I am coming.
Indra comes and stands if front of Simar. She says how long will you run? Rest a bit. This is your last day on earth. Look there, she shows her the settling sun. She says go look for your family if you can. Simar shoves her. Indra screams. Simar runs from there. Indra says you deceived me simar.

Suddenly its all fog. Prem says why am I feeling cold? Amar says me too and in sunlight. Sid says I can’t see the road. Amar says snow? They are dazed. Prem says I think badi amma

sent this snow while dying.
Indra stops simar. Simar sees all the snow as well. Indra says you can’t run from me. I will kill you with my hands. Simar says you can’t. And I wont die before ending you.Suddenly Indra falls off the cliff and so does simar. They both roll down. Simar and indra hang. Indra pulls simar. Simar says nothing can save you now simar.
Simar falls. She tries to get up. Simar sees an old place in front of her eyes. She starts walking in. Simar sees the same sign she saw in the map.

Indra says to simar is this the place your guru ji was telling you about? This is the place where we can’t die at all. Because this is the place where our powers are doubled. This is our devi’s place. She laughs. Simar says in heart how is this possible.
Indra says do you wonder where you saw this? How can your forget the history? Try to recall.
Simar recalls when a woman came in and said I will decide this, 100 years ago. Simar screams this.. Indra says yes is the same woman. Simar recalls how indra and badi amma bowed down to her. Indra says you cant believe. Just the way you pray before God, we pray before Patali devi. She protects us. What you call evil, magic or whatever. Patali devi gives us strength for this. she is not like your God that she makes her humans go through pain. Your God is an idol only. But our Patali devi gives us strength whenever we need. She is there wherever she is required. And today you will die in front of Patali devi. Simar is dazed. Indra says slowly I will eradicate all the goodwill from this planet. Only evil will rule the world. She laughs.
Simar sees the temple of Patali devi. Indra says we have been praying to her for 100 years. Get ready to die simar. She grasps simar’s throat.Simar falls down.
Everyone in bharadwaj is praying for simar. Mataji comes to temple and sees the candle blowing.
Prem says what to do. The snow is rising. Amar says only a miracle can save us now.

Precap-Prem sees the snow rising. A tree is falling on simar. Prem says simar please get up. The tree falls down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pls bring roli back then I will cry mega daayan pls stop here we are happy with indravathi

  2. Good news avika well wishers she is pregnant

  3. wats d meaning of 2days promo…der z no dat..
    .n in 2days episode.. 3rd dayan z dayano ki devi…??den wat z roli…..
    infact…der ll b no such devi. ..all is only 1 source…only…maa durga…k alava aur koi nahi hote……its all shit….

  4. Wat????shyamala i couldn’t get u…….who is pregnant???

  5. what… r u saying…hw is it possible…shyamala

  6. In real or serial

  7. Wat do u mean shyamala ji…in day before yesterday update also u cmntd in same way..that avika is preg

  8. Hare wht is this yar y this writers are behind dayans story dayan dayan dayan kya ho raha he is serial mein phele mohini uske bada badi dayan uske bada badi amma aba uske bada mega dayan i think next they will show final dayan how stupid is this serial will ache kasi serial ko bakawas bana diya stupids ne mann tho kara tha hey ki ena writer’s ko oolta tagadu stupid writer’s

  9. Aur tum shaymala tum pagal ho jab avika itni dina tak nayi thi tho ho pregnant kaise ho saka thi hai r u out of your mind stupid

  10. i think tis patali devi is looks like simar…in flashback scene her eyes was looks like simar…pls show roli soon and her action…

  11. Ban this blo*dy shit….the men are all waste in this show..they don’t do anything..I think they should kill simar and end the story here…I stopped watching this dustbin..I only read updates once a week, story will be there only…crap

  12. But compared to tis mohini indravathi and badi aama ….tis mega dayaan ie Devi of all dayaan , her costume is very modern ? in promo……

  13. its fake news shaymala…avika is busy with her movies..

  14. A serial which gives wrong guidance and informations to the viewers. This is has to be stopped actually. All the negative inputs which makes people to believe in the negativity; mohini, dayan, evil pooja and what more?????

  15. Anybody know that when roli release from indravati jadu

  16. hi.. good news guys… avika our roli is back in ssk.. she posted in her insta accnt that avika rosid is back in ssk.. roli back in ssk…… this week we are going to see rosid in ssk and one iv of presid
    prem told that after indra dead he told “now roli ko simar milgaya, simar ko roli and prem ko simar and sid ko roli milgayi and all bw is completes.” and happy….
    now after this we see rosid and now simar turns into evil as some maha daayan aatma will enter in her body and she will pray to patala devi and she fight for herself and i think roli will try her best to bring her sister back to normal from devil….
    ya roli back in ssk…

  17. dont no about her movies upcominng but on 27th november her another telugu film “thanu nenu” is going to be releasing.. about care of foot path2 releasing date i dont no….. in telugu also care of foot path2 is dubbed and the name is”maanja” this movie dubbed in hindi also…

  18. guys intoday segmnt they showed avika back and new entry she tells them that she is matarani but she is chudail she prepares avika moorthi from which she comes back but when she want roli comes out “iv she said her new entry and get up like matarani devika character she will do moorthi’s bw family and simar blindly trust her and she said in 1day if she did roli idol then roli can back.. its some story.. in vo says that she is one chudail..and bw family me moorthykaar bankar aayi hai..aur aate he vo roli ko moorthy bana diya hai..whe is preparing idol of roli voh roli ko usme daal degi .. showed some segmnt sid roli and mataji.. but they didnt revealed about it exact… vo said chudail ne uss moorthy me super natural powers daala hai.. means when chudail wants roli comes out and when chudail wants roli will go into that idol.. sadak ke kinare mili devika ko simar brings her home.. and kudhi uska paav par kuladi maregi.. chudail enters into simar body .. after entry in bw house she will do kala jadu.. karegi voh sab jo simar will not do anything once.after matka all family members comes moorthy.. when writer want tab tak nahi chudail will here…
    i dissappointed as we cant see roli regular ah means rosid actually in this they told when she want roli comes back when she wants roli will become statue… hope now how will simar saves roli and herself… how roli saves simar and herself..

  19. I heard that she is going to become pregnant in the serial.
    Sorry if I have confused anyone. I the it from someone

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