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Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
simar says please leave my roli. I wont go anywhere. they take simar to her room. Vikrant syas now I know what I have to do with you. He takes her to the car. vikrant drives the car to an alcove. He binds roli ropes her with a chair. He gives her water and says you must be thirsty. roli drinks the water. mukhiya ji says after your and simar’s wedding we will send her from here. roli stands and says this is wrong I wont let you do this. where is my bag? Vikrant says its in th car. keep one thing in your mind I am very care and I know what to do. mukhiya ji says we will send roli tonight but her deadbody. roli says I cant believe you have become and animal. she starts to faint. She vomits blood. she you have given me? Vikrant says I am really sorry but I have a bad habit of

eradicating proofs. bye bye. roli faint and falls on the floor. Vikrant says whoever comes between us will have to face this.

Sid is calling roi again and again. he tell prem that she isn’t picking the call. prem says she is in Ahmedabad, sid says she is in a village of gujrat? prem says why? He says I don’t know. prem says you should go to her I will handle here. Mukhiya says why you have to kill her? she couldn’t be able to do anything after wedding. vikrant says this is the decision of your God and god is never right or wrng. ask your men to throw her in the forest. she will die slowly and animals will kill her.

simar is crying in her room. she says please take care of roli maa. someone knocks at the window. Its leela. leela says crying wont help you sister ruined everything. Simar recalls when leela came with the dress. siamr begged her for help. whatever happened was pretended by both of was. she said I am a married woman. please help me.

Leela says your sister ruined everything you would have ran by now. simar syas is she okay? Leela says she will be fine don’t worry. Villagers do what he says. siamr ays I wont go without roli don’t know where she is. roli is in forest. leela says we don’t have any time. vikrant will marry yu tonight. simar says please get me out of here. she says let me think something/ she see the widnow and says flee from this window alone. she opens the window and sees two men guarding there. vikrant comes in and grunts, leela. He says you are the one who is helping her in running. you know what will your dad do?She says he will kill me. he can. Sinmar says you will never be able to have me, I was always prem’s I will always be. prem will reach here. its a sin to marry a married woman. vikrant says look around where you are. you have to accept the reality. no one can stop me from marrying. I have given punishment to roli. I have killed roli. simar is dazed and sits down in tears she says this cant happen. vikrant says I have removed the passed. I am the only one who is yours. if anyone tries to come between us he will be killed.
He says whole village is celebrating and you are crying here. get ready this time don’t try to be clever remember Anjali is in my hands. vikrant says to leela I will kill you if you do that again. she will simar vikrant Mehta from now not simar bharadwaj.

Roli is in the forest. she tries to open her eyes. she sees her bag. She tries to call sid but faints again.

Precap-simar says to God you have to protect me today, suddenly a storm rages on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. So sad

  2. Wtf ! Agar simar aur prem ko ek krna tha to ye sb kyo???? are ek positive char ko negative kyo bnaya? Wese hi nikal dete . Huhhh Colors wali ki pblm yhi h . Phele Beintaha me aur ab ssk me sb bkwas h

  3. Madhubala mein bhi mac . I think it’s the only think they know to make positive into negative.

  4. vikrant just we hate u a lot go away frm simar and pls save roli

  5. the writter should not know how to write screenplay the showing un believable things that village even not supporting love marriage then how can they supporting someone marry other’s wife including ladies better stop this serial for 20 days and make a good screen play with correct endingpls do not show surbi and vikranth negative give them to proper justice and show us or otherwise take ramanaya puranam and show us atleast the younger generation can learn our old rituals and cultures

  6. Stop watching this show as I did. That itself tells the director how waste is he….

  7. Pls don’t make roil to die and don’t end this drama pls pls…

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