Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prerna says to sid roli was so pretty. Sid smiles and nods. Prerna says her smile.. Maani is watching them. Prerna says she used to talk a lot.Sid smiles. Prerna says you miss him a lot? Sid says yes. Prerna holds his hand.
Simar and Maani serve the breakfast. Maani asks what happened? Fake simar says its not like what simar used to make. Maani says tell them I made this. Fake simar says maani made this. Uma says but why did you let her? Rajhinder says we are letting her live here isn’t that enough? Maani says you don’t trust me but you trust simar. I made it in front of her. Simar says i was with her. She prepared everything. I think we should give her a chance. Mata ji says to be honest we don’t trust her at all. But we will eat it. We don’t insult food.

They all eat.

Fake simar sees sid playing DVD of his marriage. He sees his pictures with simar. Maani says now he will cry missing her. And I will give him my shoulder. Maani comes in and says you look upset. Are you okay? Sid says I am okay please go sleep.She touches his shoulder and says I know you are missing roli and sad. Time heals everything. Sid stands up. Bee comes to prerna and says how can I make her think she has to go to sid. She seeks prerna’s attention towards envelop that is for sid. Prerna says I should give it to sid.
Maani says to sid you will find someone who will love you more than roli. He says I don’t need your sypmathy go out of here. Prerna comes in.

Prerna comes in sid’s room. She says this envelop was there. Sid says thank you. She says I wanted to talk to you. Prerna says look at those stars. They are my parents. I was very young when they died. For few months I didn’t get what happened. Everything stopped. I forgot how to joke or smile. At that time you know who helped me.. Simar. She told me how to trust others. I could tell her anything. I used to cry and talk and she would just listen to me. Mataji is overhearing them. Prenra says sometimes its better to share your heart out to someone. SImar(bee) is there too. Prerna says don’t befriend loneliness. Sid says my friend left me alone so this loneliness is my friend. Those memories complete me. Prerna holds his hand and places it on his heart. She says Roli lives here in your heart with you all time. Old memories can’t find her. Feel her in present. You won’t feel like you have lost her. Whenever i am upset they are upset with me. But I am sure seeing you cry would make roli’s eyes wet too. She won’t want to see you that way. Am I right? Sid says yes you are right. Sharing makes you feel better. I do. Prerna smiles. Mataji leaves.

Prem makes simar wear a locket and says you look so good.
He hugs her. He says you got your gift where is mine. SImar(bee) says prem ji I am simar. Simar says I am coming. Prem says you are not going anywhere. He holds her hand and hugs her. Prem says why are you so worried? You are behaving like you don’t know me. Fake simar says in heart he is coming close what should I do now. The bee starts annoying prem. Simar says I am coming.. Simar leaves. prem tries to kill the bee.

Precap-Maani says to fake simar I have mixed my powers in this liquid. Mix it in prerna’s milk and see what happens.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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