Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st March 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Simar and Roli come in. Everyone asks what were you out for ? Simar says some relative was outside to meet us but he left from oustide. Mata ji asks why didn’t he come in. Simar says he was in a hurry. Khushi heaves a sigh of relief. Roli asks simar why she lied to whole family ? simar says this is such a big accussations. She won’t take a minute to prove that she is the real sonia. We would lose the trust of family. Roli says I won’t sit untiul I get the truth. Khushi is at the kitchen door. SHe comes and pretends liks she is in tears. SHe says why don’t you trust me. A servant is more important than me. I helped you all so many times. Roli syas that’s what sonia did not you. Sid comes in and sees sonia in tears. He asks why are you crying? She says I am happy

for jhanvi’s wedding. Sid says see this is the magic of bharadwaj family. Mata ji is calling you all outside. Sid leaves, sonia says I would have told him truth but I don’t wanna ruin the happiness of family.

Scene 2
Doctor anurag calls Jhanvi and says thanks for agreeing to my proposal. Are you happy with it ? SHe says yeah. He says you won’t regret it ever. SHe says I wanna meet you and discuss something. He says when will you like to meet me ? She says in the hospital. I am joining again tomorrow. He says that’s good to hear.

Scene 3
Khushi says I will see how they prove me wrong.
Roli says this girl is lying but we have to find the truth first. She prays that they find out who is she? Simar says yeah need to figure out. Khushi says I won’t let them win. No matter what thye do but I need an urgent plan. No one can come between me and my mission.
Roli and Simar tell sid the truth. he says how will we prove that she is fake ? She says I trust you fully. But where is the real sonia ? SImar says we don’t know. Sid says don’t worry we will figure out. Simar says we need o find out boby. Simar says how will Sankalp bear this.

Scene 4
Sankalp comes and hugs sonia from the back and says I love you so much. Sonia says please leave me. He says whats’ wrong that I can’t talk to you for minutes. She throws him away and say stop annoying me in Khushi’s tone. He asks whats wrong with you why are you talking like khushi? You remind me of her. She hugs him and says please forgive me I was so worried because of my relatives.

scene 5
Sid says this is not that easy. She is using real names or maybe she is using boby. Roli says but we won’t give up. Sid syas there is a way and idea as well.
Mata ji says where is prem ? Sujata says he has gone out of city for some work. Sujata says and jhanvi is at hospital. Mausi ji says yeah along with patients doctor awaits her as well. Simar says we should plan the wedding as soon as possible. Sid comes downstairs with a file and asks her to read the file. SHe says I ahve been out of work. He says I am talking about Mr. Mehra you started your project. How can you forget it. You have to handle it yourself. He says mr. Mehra is such a big fan of yours. He said only you will give the presentation. She says no you give it. He says just explain me a little. She says I will explain it later. HE gives her the laptop and says we don’t have much time. You have to explain me right now. Roli says he is waiting sonia. Mata ji says whats this sid let her have the breakfast. He says yeah no problem .

scene 6
Jahnvi comes to aurag and says I don’t love you. I am sorry but he have to be truthful. He says yeah I agree and I know one day you will love me but I am happy that you have agreed.

Precap-Sid tells roli and simar that sonia went to her home for file and stuff and she never came back. Simar says how will we figure out what was she upto

Update Credit to: Atiba

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