Sasural Simar Ka 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says to women please stop. Mataji says what is wrong with you all? Did you have to talk all this in front of them? Sujata says it came out and how long will we conceal? Karuna says one day they had to know. Prem says arguing with them is useless. Prerna take simar to her room. Prerna takes simar to her room.
Sujata gives the water to Prem and says place it near simar. Prem says I won’t test my child. Sujata says you saw what happened to kheer made for parsadd. I give you my swear, please do it.

Khushi says to prerna did you mix the powder in the milk? Pari says yes. Khushi says now no matter what this devil child won’t born here. Pari says if that child is not even devil he is going to be a problem for us, if he comes in this house our kids will be ignored.

I have done something that kid will never come in this world. Khushi says sujata is helping us indirectly. We can easily fool her.
Everyone comes in Prem’s room in the morning. Sujata says I have told everything about the test we did on the child. We have to check it now. Simar says what test are you talking about? Sujata says you will see dont worry. give me that milk bowl prem. Prem is dazed. Mataji says what happened? Show them, they will all be assured. Prem shows the bowl, everyone is bewildered because milk has turned black. Sujata says see what happened to the milk. Sujata says simar you have to abort this child now. simar says this can never happen. My up bringing will make him better. Pari says we can’t change his nature. Sujata says pari is right we can’t change his nature. SImar says a mother can change everything. Sujata says you have to give up this child for everyone. Simar says I won’t do that even the whole world is against me. I will give birth to my child.

Scene 2
Prem says to Simar rest, I am coming. Simar says are you like everyone? Prem says yes I am scared too. I am scared what if everyone is right? Don’t get me wrong. Simar says when I got to know I am pregnant that was the happiest day of my life. The child who gave me this happiest feeling how can he be evil? Prem says I didn’t mean that. SImar says even if everyone leaves you don’t do that. You are my strength. I will be shattered. Please give one chance to my motherhood. When he comes in this world, I will bring him up so well that he will be a good human. They will all have answers themselves. You trust me right? Prem says more than my life. he hugs simar. Simar says promise me you won’t leave my hand? Prem says never. Pari says to khushi simar convinced prem. Khushi says how will we get done with this evil child?

Everyone hears anjali screaming in her room. prem and simar run upstairs. Anjali is locked in her room in smoke. She screams for help. Prem breaks the door and goes in. Prem saves anjali. She is scared.

Karuna says you don’t care about anjali because you didn’t give her birth. Uma says your blood is your own. Karuna says we can’t ignore the truth. Simar doens’t even care about anjali’s life because she has her own child. Simar says don’t blame me that way. Anjali says what are they saying papa. Prerna says lets go anjali.Sujata says what if something had happened to anjali? We don’t have time.We have to decide right now I know it is difficult. but if you don’t listen to me I will leave this house.
Simar says I won’t let anything happen to this house.

Precap-Simar stops prem from taking her child to orphanage. She says today you all have made me stand at a point where i have to choose either myself or my child. and I choose my child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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