Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone is in havan. Mata ji says forgive me simar but I am doing this all for you. This pooja and havan is important for us and you. Roli says we know Prem would never do something that is not in better favor of this house. Pandit ji starts pooja.

Simar is at temple with khushi. Simar says can we do pooja early, its makarsakranti pooja at home. Pandit says the time for that is 3. simar is dazed. Simar says its 2:30 and mata ji says its at 4. Maybe she mad a mistake. Simar says where is your phone jhanvi? She says its not working.
The havan is on going.
Simar says we have to go home. Jhanvi says we can’t leave at this moment. Simar syas but we have to go. Khushi says we can go after pooja.
Simar does the pooja in temple. Simar rushes outside after

the ppooja.
Mataji says please kill all evil on Simar. Bring happiness of this house back. I hope my simar and prem become one once again.

Khushi punctures the tyre and says now simar can’t go to pooka.
Devika puts her hand in Prem’s and they do the pooja together.
simar runs towards the car, khushi says the tyre is punctured. How will we go? Simar stops. Jahnvi sees yellow shadow on simar’s hand. Khushi says we can hire a cab. SImar says yes. Simar stops a cab. Khushi says wait a minute what will we do? SImar says prem will bring it.Simar asks the driver to drive fast.

Simar comes home and sees the havan on going. Simar is shocked. Simar sees roli and sid doing the pooja. Mata ji says simar.. sorry I don’t know what happened. It was 3 and I got it 4. When I got to know you left. I wanted to call you but i didn’t want to disturb your pooja there. And then at time we had to do pooja here. So I asked roli and sid. I hope you didn’t mind. Simar says not at all. The poja is important. It doesn’t matter who does it.

Devika recalls she said she can’t do this last part with prem. She syas I can’t pray for a married life with him, its simar’s right. I am doing this so i can fight with gaitri.
Devika says roli and sid will continue with the pooja. Pandit ji asks devika to bind the thread on everyone’s hand. She does. Pandit ji leaves. Devika pours something on the gate. Patali comes on the gate. Everyone is dazed. Jhanvi says she is back. Patali says you had my word.I told you I will come back, so see. Devika says I knew that you would. DEvika says this ash line will stop you. Patali says this can’t stop patali devi. Patali tries to walk in but she can’t. Devika says you forgot some of my powers are back. and they are enough to keep you out.
Simar comes in hall. Roli sees her coming.

Precap-Devika says this flame will keep burning on my hand till you show me a way God. Devika finds something. She says miracle happened.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Colors please stop this show… so disgusting serial…

  3. Han jab simar ko prem n devika ki shadi ka pata chalega to us k andar burai aa jayegi aur o patal lok jaa kar wahan ki patali banegi

  4. Please free the Bhardwarj family from these continuous problems! ❤️

  5. I loved this serial very much.but now I hate to the core and stopped watching

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