Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul steals Avni’s necklace

Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Rahul asking Avni to give her necklace. Avni says she can’t give as Bharadhwaj family’s emotions is attached with it,they give it with so much love. She says atleast we can respect their emotions till the marriage, and then everything will be ours. She asks him to find some other way to pay the money lender. Rahul thinks if she is my Avni and thinks to do something. Avni comes to room and sees Hema wearing necklace given to her, and asks her to give it. Hema says she will sleep today wearing it and asks can’t you bear my happiness. Avni says ok, wear it but give it to me in the night. They sleep. Rahul comes to Hema and Avni’s room to steal the necklace. Hema holds his hand while sleeping. He thinks he is caught, but seeing her murmuring in sleep he thinks he is saved.

He tries to cut free his hand. Hema holds his hands tightly. He hears Simar talking to Bhairavi and gets tensed. Simar comes inside and sees Avni sleeping peacefully. She covers her with blanket and kisses on her forehead. Rahul is hiding and thinks if Simar had seen him then his chapter would have ended. He cuts the necklace string and steals the necklace. He says my good days starts now.

Sameer comes home. Bhairavi tells him that neither Sanjana nor she had food. Sanjana comes there. Bhairavi tells that Sanjana was sleeping in room and says she is worried for her. Sanjana hears her and thinks she worries for her much. She asks them to sit and says she will serve them food.
Avni wakes up and asks Hema to return her necklace. She lifts her blanket and sees slippers’ garland on her neck. She gets shocked and wake up Hema. Hema gets worried and blames Rahul. Simar comes to Avni and asks her to wear necklace in the afternoon. Hema asks Avni to question Rahul.

A man comes to Sanjana, touches her hairs and makes her painting. Sanjana wakes up and follows the foot steps. She comes to room. Rahul thinks all his problems will be solved now. Avni comes there and accuses him for stealing necklace. He takes her promise and says he is innocent. Avni believes him and hugs him and doubts on Hema.

Sanjana comes to room and sees Sameer sitting there. She asks did you come to room sometime back. He says yes,but she was sleeping. The come out of room. Sanjana sees footprints missing and gets shocked. Avni asks Hema if she had stolen it. Hema says no and tells that her respect is more precious than the necklace.They think who has stolen it.

Avni comes to Simar. Hema also comes and gives her necklace. Simar says they want to show necklace to jeweler and make similar necklace for Sanjana. Jeweller checks it and says it is fake.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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