Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Fake roli starts moving towards the red door, Prem says she will get to know simar is in there, i have to stop her.amar says she will get to know that you know reality she will kill you. Fake roli stops. Fake roli says why is the door open, she walks in. Simar hides behind a door. Fake roli says no one is here but why the door and lights were on? Maybe i forgot to turn off the lights. Simar says thank God prem text me on right time. She comes in the other room. simar says i have to get that trunk anyhow. fake roli comes out, amar and prem hide. Prem says i text simar. Simar has called us outside the house, lets go room lets go from back door.

simar says this is the reason why i didn’t tell you all. i didn’t want you feel the same fear. You have to take care

of yourself. prem only you are in the house, she shouldn’t know that you know about her. Simar says she will touch you and get to know whats going in your heart. She must know that her trunk isn’t there. She must be very angry. she wont stay calm.

Fake roli screams where is my trunk, this can’t happen. She madly rummages everywhere. She says this means someone was here. i was right. She says i have to stay calm and wonder who came here. It must be someone from family but all of them are out if city. Sid is hypnotized. mata ji and sattu can’t move. Was it simar? She is in mental asylum and prem was with her? Prem hasn’t been home since two days. what if didi told prem and they both came here. maybe they are both playing a game with me.

Calendar says i can’t believe this can happen. Simar says evil forces are still around us.its one of them. amar says you are right. simar says we have to do something with this trunk. this is the only way we can kick her out. Amar says we have to plan, last time vashnavi got killed. she shouldn’t know that we are together. We don’t have to face her. simar says you are right. We have to do something that she rectifies roli’s memory. She should give roli her identity back. Simar says this is the time for our respond. i wont leave the one who did this to you roli. We will be each other’s power like always. we will win this war. Prem holds her hand. He says i am always with you. I can’t take place of roli but i will do the best of a life partner and it will start from misleading that fake roli.

Scene 2
Fake roli comes to asylum and sees that simar is not there. She says didi you have played with me again I wont leave you this time, you messed with my trunk. Suddenly she sees prem coming with a doctor, prem sees her as well. Simar is on a stretcher. She says in heart they are here that means they were not in the house, then who was it? Prem recalls simar telling him that she will touch him and get to know whats in your heart. Prem says roli what are you doing here? she says its mahashivratri i was missing didi so i came to meet her. you didn’t come home last night? He says it was simar’s check up so i stayed here. She holds prem’s hand. She says is didi okay? Prem says yea it was a routine check up. fake roli says in heart nothing is going in his heart. He doesn’t know anything. doctor says she doesn’t want to recover. You should take her home, thats better for her. roli says yeah that’s right. prem says i will talk to family when they return, about this. you should go home, i am here with simar. Fake roli says in heart if they are here then who came home and stole my trunk? She leaves. Prem calls amar and says she has left for home. You do your part now.

Precap-Fake roli gets a letter its says, we know your reality, we have your trunk, you have to come to shiv’s temple and do something after that we will return your letter. She tears it apart in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wat de hell……Wats inside de trunk???? Fed Up

    1. Yeah ….they’re just babbling that the trunk is important to her. Why wouldn’t they just open it nd reveal the naag inside?

  2. Thr mite snake body of her mate snake. Which had attacked siddhanth . So she wants sid life in that snake back on shiva tri.

  3. Can u plz cut sara khans parts out now i am getting fed up now of her part

  4. Hmm Tat santhuu is her husband

  5. Ya she want to give life back to her life partner (the snake) may be by taking the soul from Sid.i had read that in the future story she will demand Sid do cure roli. But they are dragging it. I too fed up with the story line. Right from the beginning of the story therer is no peace in both sisters life. One after the other is facing the problem by their own or else for the family sake.

  6. Oh plzzzz….dragging like hell…..

  7. i saw pic simar with naagin in holi celebrations.. it means dat any holi celebrations in ssk with naagin? or else it colors chnel holi promo.. can any one tel me about dis plz…….

  8. Yeah ….they’re just babbling that the trunk is important to her. Why wouldn’t they just open it nd reveal the naag inside?

  9. Hi mehnaz…looks like u stopped watching after long time 🙂

    1. Fed up buddy….I’d wowed to watch only after the naagin revelation =)

  10. ths show is fr only 20mins? today it went so fast:-S.. need moree
    nice part..

  11. What’s in the box. Nice epi

  12. Can you send the video please what you said please excuse me srujana

    1. i saw da pics in ssk facebook

  13. In writing updates

  14. Srujana frm were u got tat pic of Holi

    1. ssk facebook prem and simar u can see facebook of ssk and sarakhan posted da pics in her twitter also frm der i saw

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