Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st February 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Billo finds that the make up melting in the heat. She says is should leave before someone sees me. She starts acting like she is feeling low. Simar says go and rest in your house. Sonia toddles to her room. She finds that her room is locked. She wonders who is inside when Sankalp is downstairs. Suddenly the door open. The drivers gets her in and says its me. She asks what are you doing here and where is sonia ? He shows he unconcious sonia. He says all the people cam here before I could leave. She says you have to take her from here. Suddenly Simar comes and knocks the the door. Billo is tensed. She says its must be Simar. Driver says what should we do now madam.She says let me think. They make sonia lie on the bed. The drivers opens the door and hides. Simar sees

sonia on bed billo is so worried. Simar thinks the she is sleeping. She leaves. Billo asks driver to take sonia to the guest room. He says okay.

Scene 2
Jhanvi is hugging everyone. Billo wonder how can she get the real sonia and driver out of this house. Roli asks sonia how is she now ? She says much better. Boby comes in. Simar says you are fasting boby. Boby says it was such a happening say today. Boby is going to guest room but sonia stops her.

Scene 3
Everyone see boby on the floor. Uma says my hand got cut while cutting the vegetables I thought to show boby but she fell unconsious when she saw the blood. Mata ji asks Pari to do the icing on pari’s cut. Billo says mata ji take boby to my room. I will take care of her until sankalp doesn’t come. Mata ji asks Prem and Satu to take boby to sonia’s room. They take her there. Jhanvi checks boby. Billo says that’s good now kep busy with buby till then i will check the driver.

Scene 4
The door knocks. Diver gets frightened. Billo says its me open the door. She says leave from here no one would know. He says its evening people must be around. She says so you want to wait till the night ? Are you crazy ? Go and take her from her i will pay you double. They bind sonia in some mattresses and take her out.

Jhanvi checks the bp. She says I guess boby has a problem of bp. Billo says sprinkle some water on her face. Boby gets up and says someone please call a doctor. Simar says calm down boby. Mausi ji says doctors are so brave heart and you got scared with a little blood. Boby starts crying. Roli says why are you crying ? Boby says truth is that i am not doctor. Boby fakes a story. She says that an accident case took her job from her till them she is so scared of blood. Mata ji says okay do some rest.

Scene 5
Verma aunty comes in the house and says Mata ji there is something being stolen from your house. I saw a man taking some mattress from your house. Billo thinks she has seen the driver.

Precap-Sid gives Sonia a file and says i want your signatures on it. She says I will give it to you tomorrow I wanna read the file. Billo and boby come to sid. She says I can’t sign these papers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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