Sasural Simar Ka 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 21st December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
roshin says Piyush has uploaded her picture on facebook and he is looking for her. She has not left his heart. Khushi says calm down. I know she in his heart. And you are close to him yet far. Khushi says she is away, one day or other his hope will end and that day you should be there with him. Roshni says what if Vadahi comes back? Khushi says she wont and you have to come near Piyush. These people have weak hearts. You have to be Piyush’s habit. That he can’t live without you. Roshni says you are right. If I convince Piyush choti ma would agree. KB says he will be yours just use your mind. You will become daughter in law of this house.

Roshni says crying on call papa when are you coming back? I really miss you. Piyush is busy with his work. I feel so alone.

I wanna go back home. She is pretending as Piyush’s overhearing her. Piyush comes and says who said you are alone? Roshni says when you came? He says just now. What were you saying to uncle? Roshni says i think I shouldn’t have come here. Roshni says I thought I came here and would spend some time with you. He says I am sorry I have been busy with looking for Vadhai. I will spend time with you as well. I am coming in a while. He brings his guitar and says I always play this when you are sad. He plays the guitar. Roshni goes to sleep. Piyush thinks of Vadhai. Vadahi recalls what she did with Piyush.

Scene 2
Kb and Pari take newspaper from prem to look for the sale. There is Anjali’s ad in the paper as well. She returns it to prem. prem is reading the other side. KB sees the ad while going. pari says what happened? SHe says you go I am coming in a while. KB says she said it wont be published here. KB says prem please give me newspaper. Prem says you are disturbing me again and again. KB calls Anjali and tells her.
Anjalu runs downstairs.
Agarwal has the paper. prem gets a call Kb runs to pick the paper but simar picks it first and starts reading. Agarwal is also reading the other side. Anjali spills oil on the floor.

Kb pretends to fall. Simar runs to save her and leaves the paper. Kb says I can use this ad to mortify Simar. i wil use it on right time. Vikram comes to he sits next to agarwal. Tao ji says sanjev give me newspaper too Anjali pretends to slip, the arti plate falls on carpet. It lies he fire. Anajlai takes paper and pretending likeshe is extinguishing the fire. Vikram pours water on it. vikram says are you okay? She says I am fine. Saroj says did the fire sparked? Agarwal says thank God anjali is safe. Kb texts anjali I have saved you here. Anjali says me too.

Precap-Anjali says atul you lied to me? Shut this ad. He says you dont want these to be published again? You have to give me 10 lac. KB says to anaji give him the money. Sell your jewelry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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