Sasural Simar Ka 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says to maya there was time when you used to rule bharadwaj house with your powers and now i treat their son like a slave. wanna know why i am doing this to them? i will tell you later. what will you do if i return you your powers? you will kill me like dog? i want to do the same to bharadwajs. I want to kill them like dogs. It will start from today, you have to talk on this call. Maya says whom do i have to talk? Rajveer says don’t be hasty i will tell you.

Simar says in temple God i can’t put up with this anymore, i break when i see hatred in eyes on prem for me. He has not even talked to me in this time. Mata ji and amar come. Mata ji says why are you going trough this all? take you wed locket and wear it. simar says i will only wear it from prem’s

hands. I will wait a little more. i know God wont be unjust. Amar says i and mata ji have been trying to call him but he is out of contact. Roli is lost, maybe prem would do something that will ruin our plan. Simar says i wont let him do that.

Maya says i wont do it. Rajveer says i am not asking you i am ordering you. I don’t care about my slave but you do. I don’t need him, I hope you will call now or do i have to use my slave? He says aryan take out your sword, now cut maya’s hand. Aryan puts a cut on maya’s palm. maya screams with pain as her blood drips down. Rajveer says very good, Now put this sword on your neck, aryan follows the orders. rajveer says when i count 3, put this across your neck. He counts, 1.. 2.. Maya says stop. Rajveer says stop aryan, she wants to say something. rajveer says now you know my slave will do anything i ask? now do as i say.

Prem comes in his car somewhere, the song ‘darmiyaan’ plays in background. he sits on bonnet of his car and recalls living moments with simar. He recalls how she slipped off her wed locket and said she will continue investigations. He says why are you not getting simar? you are hurting me so much. He gets a call from a private number, maya says i am your well wisher, i want to tell you that simar is responsible for roli being lost from the house. She says she wants roli to go to the place from where no one returns, and for the truth she if finding, no such truth exists. Its just her ego you have to break it. She hangs up. Prem says listen to me.. Rajveer says my game will start now and it will be played in bharadwaj house. maya do you know that aryan will go to bharadwaj house today, he will go there as my slave. He will do what i ask him to. I feel so bad for bharadwajs. Look at you maya, you were their enemy and now you are with them. and their son, who would do anything to protect them, will kill one of them.

Mausi ji says inform the cops. mata ji says i dont think we need to, God will show us a way. Mausi ji says we have find prem as well. He was really mad when he left. rajhinder says she is right. Mata ji says if you all think this is right, go for it. prem comes in, he is all messed up and drunk. They are all dazed to see him. Prem recalls what the woman said on call. He trips over, simar tries to hold him. He says don’t dare to touch me. Prem walks in, Rajhinder slaps him on the face. Rajhinder says i am ashamed to call you my son, prem says i feel ashamed too, the people who managed this house are ruining it. If simar can do her own why cant i? mata ji says prem please. prem says no you don’t say anything. if God comes and tells you that she is wrong, you wont still consent. Maa is on bed, roli is lost from the house. you know who is responsible, your very own simar. Girjesh is looking in, prem says i wont stop you from now simar, do what you want. But i do have a punish for you.

Precap-Rajveer says maya take out a chit, you know you have given death to prem by taking out his name. He will be the first prey of aryan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Aryan will stab Prem na after tat will he believe simar???

  3. Pls tell the truth to prem quickly he was always misunderstanding simar.

  4. Prem pehle se misunderstand karte aya ha simar ko…

  5. dono y prem z such an anger fello who never even tries 2 understand others…..especially simar….
    v.bad prem….from starting of d episodes onwards…he always uses to misunderstand n get away of simar..
    abt his marriage.
    at d tym of veru…
    n in many othr situations..

  6. from wer can background tunes are downloaded¿¿
    how to download them….they r really very nice…..
    narayani stuthis ..n chanikya neeti shlokaas ..which has
    lot of meaning..

  7. dats fine…bt other…..

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