Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Simar says I thought we were going together. Pari says to Khushi she looks so young. Jhanvi says bhabhi my dress. Anjali says you wore the dress but what about this mangalsutra. Khushi says you have gone so out of limit, that you consented to wear this dress. And she wore this mangalsutra so she can pretend being nice. Simar says this is the power of every married woman. Her life is incomplete without it. I can never separate it from myself. And khushi, my daughter wanted to see me in these clothes so how could I say no. Khushi says you look like Anjali’s sister. Simar says let’s go Anjali or you would be late.

Anjali and Simar are on the way. Anjali says how would I get rid of her now. Anjali stops the car and says I forogot my water bottle home. I feel so igitated.

Can you buy it from the store? Simar says sure. She walks out of the car Anjali says bye. She drives. Simar says how will I get there now? SImar says Anjali stop..
Anjali arrives at the party. Shanaya says why you came so late? Anjali says don’t ask. You look gorgeous. Shanaya introduces her friends to Anjali. Shanaya’s friend gives Anjali the drink.
Simar is on the road. Some men catcall her. They say come here have a cup of tea with us. See the waist. Where are you going in this dark night.. Simar tries to stop a car.. It’s Prem inside the car. Prem says what is Simr doing here at this time in these clothes. Prem drives past her. The thugs says see we said no one would stop. Prem sees them, he reverses the car. Prem comes out of the car and says Simar sit in the car.. Didn’t you hear what I say? Simar sits in the car. Prem stares at the men and sits in car. He drives.
Prem says can I ask what you are doing here at this time. Simar says I was going with Anjali to her friend’s birthday party. Prem says now you will follow her there as well? SImar says I am her mom I would do anything to bring her on right track. Prem says like you only know the right track.

Anjali says in party. She says cheers girls, to all he annoying moms. Now I will see how she comes here. A girl says who is she? Shanaya says she is Anjali’s mom. Anjali says how you came here? Simar says I knew you would do something like that. So I took out Shanaya’s number. Shanaya says some flower seller called me.. Simr says that was me. Simar says I am not here to spoil your party. Anjali says like you being here matters to me.. I am gonna enjoy my party anyway.
Anjali is dancing in the party. Mona says to bartender give me a drink? Shanaya says what happened? Bartender says we are out of stock. Simar says what happened? The tender says we don’t serve after 12. Simar says can I make something for you people? Anjali says you better go and sit. Shanaya says aunty you should rest. Mona says if she is making let her.. Anjali says no. Shanaya says Anjali I think she should. Shanaya says aunty please. Simar takes care of the drinks and says you can enjoy the party shanaya don’t worry.

Khushi says where is this anjali she isn’t picking up the call.. Prem says you are really worried for anjali today? Khushi says I am actually worried. Simar is with her.. Aren’t you worried? Prem says I have no tension at all today because she is with Simar. You can sleep. Good night.
Khushi says just 4 days and his heart has already started melting. I have to do something.

Simar serves the drinks in the party. Shanaya says wow aunty this is really good. All others praise simar as well. simar says Anjali you should taste as well. Shanaya’s friends come as well. They say the drink is so good. Another says aunty are you a magician. The guy why is party so low. Let’s dance, turn on the music. A guy says let’s do what we did on my birthday. We did a dance face off. Shanaya says vickey and nisha in my team. Shanaya says nikhil suresh and pooja with me. Vickey says simar aunty will judge the competition. They all dance one by one. Anjali’s team wins. Anjali says no one can dance better than me.. Can someone challenge me? Simar says I accept your challenge!

Precap-Anjali dances on the floor. Simar dances after her. Simar dances classical after Anjali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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