Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Tantrik witnesses Devi’s avatar

Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhairavi checking the prasad and thinks to add poison until everyone gets ready. She adds poison in the Prasad and says happy diwali Simar, I brought special gift for you on this Diwali and goes out of kitchen. Mata ji asks where is Simar, call her. Prem goes to call her. Simar comes there. Mata ji asks her to do puja and begin with aarti. Bhairavi thinks your end mahurat begins, there baba Mahesh will begin his puja and will kill your existence, this special Prasad will kill everyone.

Tantrik does some puja on the skeleton. Simar holds the aarti plate. Everyone closes their eyes. Tantrik continues to do puja. Simar turns and sees everyone’s eyes closed. Shera sits near Simar. Simar appears as Mata Rani. Shera folds her hands. Simar takes out poison from the

Prasad. Shera puts the Prasad in the bowls. Mata ji and others open the eyes and says puja was good and purifying. Bhairavi says we shall take Prasad as it is kept there. Mata ji asks where is Simar? Prem calls her.

Bhairavi says she went to get Panch Amrit. Mata ji asks everyone to have Prasad. She thinks this is last Prasad of your life, have it and reach your mata rani. She thinks Baba Mahesh must have captured that Simar’s soul. Sameer thinks why Maa is behaving this way. Sanjana says it seems Mata Rani made this Prasad. Mata ji says my Simar have made it. Bhairavi thinks why nothing is happening to them. Baba Mahesh thinks why my mantra is not working and my powers have become weak. Suddenly the fire in the havan stops and he sees some reflection. He shouts who is there. He sees Mata Rani’s Trishul and glimpse of Mata Rani Tiger attacks him and he falls down.

Bhairavi thinks Simar must have changed the Prasad. Mata ji asks Roshni to see where is Simar. Roshni checks and says she is not in kitchen. Mata ji says Bhairavi is not mentally stable. Sameer gets angry. Bhairavi thinks Simar will not be found.. Piyush says Maa is not in room. They wonder where she went. Prem calls her and the phone rings there itself. He says she must be near. They see Simar coming and saying she went to store room to get Mava. Mata ji says ok. Simar tries to give panchamrit to Bhairavi, but she don’t take it. Bhairavi wonders what is her plan. Later she comes to Tantrik and puts water on his face. Tantrik gets up. Bhairavi asks are you fine? Tantrik looks at the skeleton and laughs. He says it will be fun now to compete with a competitor. Bhairavi asks what happened to you. Tantrik says whom you thought as Mata Rani’s bhakt or Simar’s soul, is none other than avatar of Devi. Bhairavi is shocked.

Tantrik says she has taken human form, but it is not easy to follow the rituals. Simar tells Shera that Bhairavi and Tantrik came to know that she is Devi and will take advantage tomorrow on Simar and Prem’s marriage anniversary.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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