Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says my biggest support is with me. Right Prem ji? You trust me? Prem says don’t dare touching me. These papers have your truth written on them. I thought you came here to repent. But I was wrong. You came here for property. This is what you wanted. You used my daughter. He throws the papers on her face and says if you had begged for I would have given as a mercy. Mataji says no Prem. Prem says no mataji everything is clear. She sent her son in my office with a fake identity. That was the beginning of her game. Simar says don’t drag my son in this. Prem says call him right now. Simar says why are you involving him. Prem says call him right now. Simar calls Piyush his phone rings in the hall on dining. Pyaray comes to take his phone. Everyone sees him. Everyone

is shocked. Prem takes off his mustache. Everyone is bewildered. Prem slaps him hard on the face. Simar says no.. Piyush. Prem grasps his collar. Simar says leave him. Prem says get out of my house. He shoves him. simar holds him. prem says I didn’t know your son was part of this as well. Simar says I came here for anjali and Piyush for me. That is all we wanted. I don’t know how his name came on the papers. Anjali says you think anyone would trust you? How can you be so ridiculous. I am ashamed you gave me birth. Piyush says mind your language. My mom doesn’t need money she has me. Prem says shut up. Prem tries to hit him. He says get out of this house. Matjai says what are you doing. this is your wife and this is your son. Prem says no she is not my wife. And this son.. sometimes you have to throw bad blood out of your life to keep ailment away. For some days I thought my hatred for you is unjust but now it is ten times more. Piyush says lets go ma. Its enough. SImar says I came here with a hope. God can’t disappoint me. She is crying. Piyush says lets go ma, nothing is left in this house. Simar says to Prem I thought you might have changed. Now you can see wrong and right but I was wrong. Even today your judgement is as weak as it was 16 years ago. I am leaving and this is not my defeat because God never lets truth lose. Truth will win. Don’t think this is the end. This is just a goodbye.
Khushi says in heart you tried messing with me? Simar takes Piyuh’s hand and is leaving. Mataji says stop. i will go with them as well. Rajhinder says but ma.. Mataji says don’t worry Prem I won’t ask you to change your decision. I am telling you mine. I am leaving this house with them.

Jhanvi says Prem please stop Mataji she is going. Sankalp says stop mataji prem please. Amar says please prem. Mataji steps out with Piyush and Simar. Prem says stop mataji. Prem says you know I can’t let you go away from my life and this house. Mataji says but I wont live in this house without simar and piyush. Prem says I know and because of you I will tolerate them in this house. Khushi says but Prem.. Prem says they will live here. He goes to his room. Mataji says to Piyush come to your house. Khushi says this oldie ruined my game. Rajhinder welcomes them. he says you don’t have to be a cook, you will be our Piyush. Amar says you cook and act well. Everyone smiles. Mataji says Simar come in. Simar faints. Jhanvi holds her. Amar says let call the doctor. Khushi says start the countdown Simar.

Precap-Simar says I would only drink water form Prem’s hand. its my karwa chauth fast. Piyush holds prem’s feet and says I beg you please make her eat something. Prem kicks him and says you can’t fool me again. Doctor says her condition is worsened she needs to eat. Piyush says ma please eat papa won’t come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Prem is too dumb… Anjali is immatured… But what happened to Prem… Don’t he know abt his simar… Kushi is playing but no one ready to send her out of d house… But Simar So many times…:-(

  2. I feel simar is initiator of all problems.. too much of mahanta irks the audience…y shld she let khushi stay in the house and y she shld let khushi out of room…she takes her own decisions without discussion and blame others as weak decisions…agreed premar r wrong in their own way.. Both husband and wife think that nly they r correct… Where TR is no proper sharing, misunderstanding definitely Arrises..maybe director wants 2show this through premar

  3. lavanya anandhan

    i like this story too much each and every episode without fail im watching itsssss tooooo goood entertainment serial im most fan of simar and roli

  4. lavanya anandhan

    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb intresting serial

  5. Pls put today’s episode it feels like cryingggg

  6. Idiots put today’s episode cryingggggggg?????

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