Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The black magic teacher says to Indra you have drench this doll in someone’s blood who is your own. Indra says it has to be padma. I will kill her and that thakur and then this whole public will be punished. Padma is hearing it.
The blackmagic teacher says to Indra go drench this in the blood of Padma. Indra says I will tear Padma with my nails and drench this in her blood. Padma overhears it.

Jhanvi and Pari reach verma’s house. Pari says we need your help. She tells him everything. Pari says please help me. Pari says I am ready.

Indra says what are you here for? Padma says please didi you are doing this wrong. this woman is using you. Indra says she has given me powers. Padma says you are living a dream and it wont last as soon as you open your

eyes but you will be able to do nothing. Indra says okay, give me one thing in return. Ask thakur to marry me instead of you. Indra says I wish i could do this. The guru says today is the night of decisions. You know she is coming too. If you fail, she will kill us. We can’t go back from here. padma says who is coming? Indra says thats non of us. We will sacrifice you, so you better care about your life. Now see how will you pay for not listening to me. She throttles padma. Padma says please leave me jiji. The guru and indra laugh. Guru says you are the super powerful witch from today Indra, kill this woman. you can take revenge today. Indra laughs. She takes out her nails. Padma says please listen to me. Indra says its time to pay now. Indra says everyone has to die because of your decision. Padma shoves her and runs.

At verma’s place they are doing pooja. Khushi rings the doorbell. Pari and Jhanvi are hidden. Khushi can’t see the idol. Her head starts hurting and she faints.

Pandit ji comes and saves Padma. he says today Indra will punished for her sins. pandit ji says indra you wanna hurt your sister and her husband to be. I wont let you do this. Indra stabs him. Padma screams. Padma says what you did. You killed our dad, he was our teacher as well. And you killed him. Indra says I have no teacher, I do evil’s pooja. You mean nothing to us. This wont stop unless Thakur owns you.

Khushi comes to Indra. Indra asks was simar there in Verma’s house? Khushi says no.

Precap-Indra says thakur come out, this hide and seek wont help. You either accept me or i will kill everyone. Destroy everything.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Tat lady said na tat someone will come today nite and if u dint kill Padma then she will kill us nu……i think tat would be tarika frm cid

    1. Lol… You just posted a spoiler…????

  2. Y would she kill them if dint sacrifice i dont get tharika tat would be fun to watch becoz am a lover of cid ?

  3. What will she do here??

  4. who is the person? Precap is super and premar together waiting for today episode…

  5. Nye episode

  6. How much more of this nonsense can anyone tolerate? There isn’t one si glee normal, sane human being on this show. Time to come back to reality or end it.

  7. I think that was rolli…and when roli will cm where is mathaji sid

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