Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Badi amma bind sid prem and amar with a tree and she laughs. Simar is running. she trips over. Simar gets up and starts running again. Indra says there is not much time in night dont worry. Simar says in heart please help me God. Indra says go right. I think what you want is there. Or go left. Simar starts running. Indra says what you are running on is the wrong way no who will save you?
Mata ji says I am really worried. Sujata says God will protect our kids.I know that they will win.
Simar falls down and gets a bruise on her head. she gets up again but her walk is trembling. Simar starts walking.

amar says maybe we can break these. Badi amma says you cant do anything. Simar is running here and there. She is drained out. Indra says your sister has brought you

water drink it. Simar is about to take it, indra spills it.
Indra says the more you run fast the more death comes close to you. She laughs.
Badi amma says hear this is indra’s laugh.
Mata ji is doing the pooja.
badi amma says i think simar has lost. I thought she will fight till her last breath? Has she taken it already? There is no way to break it. Just rest here. Prem says you wanna take me right? Take me but leave them both. Badi amaa says first i need to be sure that simar is dead. Then i will leave from here with you.

Badi amma her Indra’s laugh again. She says lets go prem, it think its about time. The takes the rope off prem. Sid says you can’t take him. Prem shoves badi amma. She falls on the ground.
Simar is surrounded by a lot of bats. She is scared. Suddenly fire blows and all of them fly away.
Badi amma is screaming. Sid says there is something that she cant bear. Prem says its sindur here. Amar says put it on her head. Prem does it. She screams leave me. Prem says release them both. Sid says leave her this sindur is enough for her.prem says release them now. Badi amma says not remove this. They leave her there and go to look for simar. She says if something happens to indra i wont leave you.

Simar’s head hurts but she keeps walking. She sits down at a place and says what should I do? I feel drained out. She lies down there. Indra comes and says simar’s wheel keeps rolling. Keep walking you never know what you find. Get up simar. You can do this.

Precap-Badi amma screams save me. SImar is drained out in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow supr fast update

  2. Quite interesting…….

  3. I dont feel like commenting for dis stupid track ..fed up

  4. Eppa pa indrawati track mudiyum

  5. Ilakkiya pinky

    superb episode

  6. Such a disgusting serial…. Stopped watching long back… Now don’t feel like reading written updates also…pls ban this serial

  7. Height of stupidity…huh!wen this indrawati track will gt ovsr?
    Bored seriously

  8. Wonderful track nice to read as I don’t know Hindi. Expecting the track in tamil

    1. Faltu serial. This should be banned. How can evil win against God. This serial is showing lot of negativity. Bhardwaj family poor men and women are fighting against dian. How they r feeding themselves. Because nobody is going out for wok. Such a third class sho

  9. ssk: indravati and simar reached the temple. there is an idol in the temple, which has indravati’s life. she can’t enter the temple. simar gets the map to locate the idol. indravati is planing to send simar to the fake temple. simar will land into new trouble, where evil will enter in simar’s body. simar will hitting wrong idol, which realeases mega daayan. the new witch will enter simar’s body. to make her find difficult to have her devotion for her matarani. simar will have to fight with daayan in her body. the dayan makes simar pray to the devil. how will simar free her from the evil witch?

  10. omg: simar is the new daayan in ssk??
    readers, we have some shocking news for you all….
    post indravati’s exist from colors drama ssk, the makers are all set to introduce new daayan in the track.
    and this time, the new daayan is none other than simar herself.
    a source associated with the show revealed, “in order to kill indravati simar will enter the temple to seek the blessing of the mother godess. but, with the daayan trick simar will hit the wronng idol, awaking the evil spirit. following this incident, the evil maha daayan will enter simar’s body and will capture her soul”.
    fascinating , isn’t it?
    but this is not the end readers.
    with an evil dayan capturing her soul simar will be seen worshipping the satan. and in coming days it will be simar struggle with her self to maintainn sanity. under the influence of evil spirit, we hear, simar will harm many of her family members.
    we have to wait and watch how things turn out post this new development.
    unfortunately, we could not get in touch with dipika for the information.

  11. I think the new track will b fun.hope atleast in evil form simar will finaly get a chance to have fun with all other s…

  12. Pls close indravathi’s chapter soon.

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