Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

First part in Thapki’s update

Simar(bee) says prerna please turn back. Prerna turns back and says where has simar gone. Simar says how can I make you understand that I am simar. Simar recalls how in his anger baba called a bee and it stung simar and she turned into a bee. Baba said you will become a bee forever.

Vivan says I brought everything. Chakoor says thank you. He says i know tine is not good but you are planning to kill her with these tools? Chakoor says oh I forgot you will be alone without her. He says yes I will miss her a lot but she will die and you in jail. What will I do? Chakoor says vivaan dont be so happy. This is just to scare not to kill her. Because of her my registration was almost cancelled. He says you scare me. She is about to him

but stop and smiles. Chakoor says now go or you will be arrested too. He holds her hand and says I will go but first pay for the stuff. Say what was incomplete that day. The song bol na please in background. Chakoor smiles. He caresses her face. Chakoor says you will get the payment after the work is done. He says thats unfair.. Chakoor says kabir sir.. He says where? Chakoor runs and says first let it be completed.
Chakoor comes Tina’s room. The guard is asleep. Chakoor enters from beneath the car. She switches off the light. Tina is asleep. Chakoor says it will be fun.
Tina wakes up and says why is it too hot? So many mosquitoes. She sees that the electricity connection is down. She says why is it not on? SHe says driver.. he is asleep. Tina says driver. She says how can he sleep. She says wake up. He comes out. He says sorry madam. She says see there is no electricity. I have to reach for training tomorrow. How will I if I don’t sleep. He says let me check. He says battery connection is broken and there is no fuse. Someone stole it.

Thapki turns back and shoves them she runs from there. Bihaan says please make do a call. Inspector says shut up. Bihaan says please. Inspector says give him the phone. Bihaan calls thapki. She is running. Thapki hides in a place. She says i dont know if suman got that antidote or not. She calls her but she is not picking. Bihaan finds her phone busy. Someone put a gun on her head. Bihaan says thapki please pick the phone. They take thapki with them. He says now if you do something we will kill you. Give us the DVD. She says I don’t have one. I gave you wrong one so you give me anitdote. Please let me go. I don’t have it. He says first you saved that old man and now your husband. I know you sent that DVD in court. Thapki says I dont have it. Thapki says if I had it why would I give you wrong one. Why would I risk my life. He says you became lawyer for bihaan. Not every wife loves her husband. If dvd doesn’t work then all your effort is vain. There is nothing that can save your husband.Just one witness and proof and thats you. I am counting till 3.. Give me the dvd or.. 1.. 2.. 3.. Thapki closes her eyes. A car comes.. Thruv says leave thapki I have the dvd.

Next part in udaan’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ali these three shows trp are low so why not combine them especially ssk. Disgusting!

    1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

      Yes becoz it trp increase means.. Profit to colors.. Don’t worry.. I have created best 7.30slot.. So pls comment k won’t tell u to vote ssk.

      1. SSK is no longer an entertainment. I cant even call this a show or a drama. This is an abuse to ze audience. Everything has a limit. Is there no law to restraint makers from marking such plots? If not zen there should be!

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