Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th May 2013 Written Update

Simar tells Prem that they will have to go there and make her agree.Simar tells that she was the last hope but now it seems they won’t be able to save their house.At that time someone rings the bell and Simar sees Jhumki standing.Jhumki asks what will she have to do?Jhumki asks if there is any danger in teh drama she is going to do.Simar tells that there is no danger and she will be with her always.Simar tells Jhumki that they will get their house back for her.Jhumki tells that she has some conditions.She tells that she will take one lakh rupees for this.Prem agrees.Jhumki tells that she will do the drama for only one month.Prem agrees and tells her not to tell anyone that she is Jhumki.He tells that she will have to learn how Roli was and Simar will tell her everything.Prem tells that

she will have to stay away from her brother.Jhumi tells that she can’t stay away from her brother and he is no one to place conditions.Prem tells that they have got their everything at stake and he can’t take risk.Jhumki asks where will his brother go then?Prem tells that he will arrange everything for him.

Simar helps Jhumki in getting dresses like Roli.Buntu tells Jhumki that he couldn’t recognise her.Prem tells that now she will have to learn Roli’s mannerisms.Simar shows her picture of every one and videos of Roli.Simar starts crying thinking of Roli.

Jhumki tells Simar that she will sleep now.Simar tells that they have very less time and she will learn everything.Prem and Simar asks her to recognise the family members but she fails to do it.Simar tells her to concentrate.Jhumki tells her to let her sleep and will learn everything in morning.Prem tells that they will have to start for Delhi in morning and she will have to learn everything now.Prem asks her how will she talk to Mataji.Jhumki keeps on making mistake.Prem gets angry and scolds her.Jhumki gets angry and tells that she won’t go with them.She goes out of the room with her brother.Simar tries to stop her but Prem tells Simar to let her as no one can’t be like Roli.

Mataji tells that she didn’t think that she will have to enter this house as a guest.Mano comes there and embraces Mataji.She tells Mataji not to be sad and Matarani is with them and will not let anything wrong to happen with them.Mataji tells someone to call Prem and ask when will they reach.Prem tells Simar to get ready as they need to reach by 6.He doesn’t find Simar in the room.

Episode Ends

Precap : Khushi sees Simar standing at the door and tells everyone to go out of the house.At that time Jhumki tells who is she to tell themt o go out of the house.Everyone gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Tanya

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