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Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar says I called baba here. Sher recalls asking amar to go to baba and bring him here. Amar said he will be home by evening. Simar says choti dulhan helped Amar in finding baba. Amar comes in. Mata ji says thank you amar. Tantrik says if devil didn’t come in between I would have ended you. Your game will be over now. He reads mantra.. Malti disappears. Mata ji coughs. Tantrik asks roli to give mata ji that water. Mata ji drinks it. She feels better. Tantrik says sit there let me do the pooja. He starts havaan. Malti says leave me. Choti dulhan, malti and are locked in a pot. Simar says please release choti dulhan. she has helped us. Baba says if I leave her malti would be released as well. I am not hurting them. I am giving them freedom from world.

Kali pisaj says

these two can’t do anything. this is enough. I have to do something. They should be punished.
Malti says before you kill me Madhvi will remove roli’s sindur. Sid will never come back home. Mata ji says no. Roli recalls when sid said Madhvi bring food and his changed behavior. Roli says please release her for sid. Simar says calm down. She says baba please do something. we are relying on you. Baba says choti dulhan told me that sid is under her control. Sid is no more under her control. Sid comes in. Sid says roli pardon me, I don’t know what was I doing. Roli says you are back fine that is enough for me. You don’t need to apologize. Baba this she is locked as well like malti. Malti says you are infuriating him. He will kill you, your blood will dry in your veins. This whole family will be killed. Simar says who is she talking about.
Lights turn off and they hear someone blowing trumpet. Kal pisaj comes in. Everyone is shocked and scared. Mata ji says who are you? He says I am the pride of all evils. You call me devil. He laughs and says these two are my followers.
Malti says welcome evil. The pots break. He says give me that maani. Simar says if you are that powerful then take if from me because I will never hand it over to you myself.
Kal pisaj says there is a small live between courage and stupidity. You have crossed that line. Imagine what can I do, if my followers had done this to your family. Simar says we are not scared of you. Do what you want. I will do what I have to. He says now I will show you what can I do. You will come to me and give me that maani. He says this house is of devil from now and everything here belongs to devil. He throws them all out and closes the door.

Precap-Tantrik says he has hidden two things in the house, you have to find them. Simar says I will. He says there is a chunri wear it so he can’t see you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I am not from India but does it mean the witch has power more than the goddess or the priest? so disgusting

    1. Hey its like that in india gods r only superior to evil power but to make the show gain good trp they r doing this

  2. I dont know whether the writer is living in this century itself. So disgusting storyline.i cant believe ghosts wearing jewellery and designer dresses so horrible. I was a great fan if ssk but when they started allthes evil power storylines i just hated it. Bring that old ssk. Leve all these evil tracks and bring some thing which is realistic

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