Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th March 2014 Written Update

scene 1
Khushi calls someone and asks what’s going on ? He says I am after him. SHe says yeah keep an eye on him. He sees that the man is lost. He looks for him everywhere.
Anurag’s mom has left. Mausi ji says what kind of woman is she ? She didn’t have the breakfast. Sujata says don’t know what jhanvi said to her. Roli gets a call from krishna. She leaves. Khushi comes down and says he won’t open up his m outh. Sonia asks where is roli ? Simar says she is with anjali.

Scene 2
Krishna says to roli my wife lied to you. The lady came and asked me to leave my job. Roli show the picture of khushi and asks is she the one ? He says yeah she came to my place and snatched everything of my daughter rani. She took all her documents. Sonia came to my house and

asked me to leave the city and offered me money to keep quiet. He says she never talked to me like that befero. Roli wonders whats behind this all. She recalls from the beginning how sonia always tried to save khushi and the way of her talks changed. She says this all means that she isn’t real sonia. What will I tell my family when I knwo nothing myself. SHe asks him to stay there and tell this all in front of the family and police. Roli says I will get you the police custody.

Scene 3
anurag’s mom is back to the house again. Jhanvi says I called her. She says come inside maa. Everyone is shocked. She comes down and says I am ready to wed Anurag.
Everyone is so happy with the decision of Jhanvi. Anurag’s mom says you have made a heart of a mother happy. Everyone congratulates Jhanvi. She says I felt like sometimes you should go with those who know life more thna you and care about you more than you. The most painful part my life was because of my decision. I will only go with whatever you all decide fro me. Sid says we are proud of you jhanvi. Roli says I have to tell did truth krishna is waiting for us outside. She takes simar on a side. Khushi goes close to then to know what they are talking about. Mausi ji says why are you standing there? Simar says how is this possible roli ? How can she not be sonia ? roli says krishna is out there and we should bring him in and tell whole family truth. Simar says not now we can’t ruin jhanvi’s happiness. Let anurag’s mom leave. Roli says we will never get this chance again. Simar says don’t worry.
Khushi has listened to them and says I have to meet that servant.
Anurag’s mom leave. Roli thinks I will reveal your truth fake sonia. Sujata says everything has been done well. Roli says not yet. Roli says I want all of you to meet someone let me get him in. Khushi and Simar go out to bring Krishna but he is no where. Roli says I wanted him to stay. SImar says maybe he left because of his train. SHe calls but his umber is switched off. Roli asks a passer by but he doesn’t know.
khushi is at the window and hinks the way she get the servant scared. She calls some and says kidnap the family of krishna and throw them on the railway. He begs her pardon.
Khushi comes out and says everyone is waiting for you inside ? Roli says the reality is shown the ways. We know that you are not sonia. You are someone else. Khsuhi says what are you saying ? Simar says Krishna has told us everything and the way you scared him. The real sonia can’t do this. She says I am the real sonia. Roli says we shouldn’t waste the time and tell everyone the truth they will trust us for sure. Khushi stops them and says what will be changed ? Its not difficult for me to rove that I am sonia. I fired him that is why is making stupid stories. Roli says don’t fool us and tell us who you are and on what purpose are you here ? Roli says get i did she will reveal in front of family. Khsuhi says its happiness all around the family. DO you wanna sopil it ? Roli says we know what better for our family. Khsuhi says billo rani you gotta do something.

Scene 4
MAusi ji says what are these sisters upto ? Roli and Simar come in. Mata ji asks what is it roli and simar?

No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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