Sasural Simar Ka 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar wakes up scared. She turns on the lights. She sees Prem with Kamiya. She is teaching him yuga very close to him. Simar is dazed. Simar says what is he doing. Anjali is there too. Kamiya teaches him too. Simar says oh she is teaching them Yoga. Kamiya says she does it better than you Prem. Simar comes and says wow. Kamiya says if you didn’t have sprain, you would be doing yoga here with us. Prem says but now you have to rest. I will do yoga you just stay around. Kamiya says simar you are so lucky. Simar says Premji is mata ji back? He says just talked to her. She has left. Kamiya says prem go with your wife I will take Anjali to her room. Prem picks simar up and says i am here. He takes Simar to her room. There is a red duppataa following them.
Prem lays simar on bed.

Prem massages her foot. He says let me bring hot water. Simar holds his hand. She says sit here. Please don’t go anywhere. Stay with me.Prem says I am always around you don’t have time for me. Simar hugs him. Simar says we don’t spend time together. I won’t let you go anywhere today. You will stay here. Prem says okay I will not go anywhere. I will be with you all the time. A witch watches them. Prem caresses Simar’s face. She says no they can’t be together before birth of Kaal. I won’t let this happen.

Anjali says Kamiya aunty tell me story. Kamiya turns off the lights. Her hair start blowing. Anjali says ghost.. Mama aunty became ghost.. She runs. Kamiya says anjali listen.
Prem is about to kiss Simar. Anjali comes crying and says papa kamiya aunty is ghost. kamiya comes in and says Anjali are you scared. Kamiya says I turned tablet,she got scared of the light on my face. Prem says everyone was scared of her in school too. Kamiya says simr turn off the lights. She says see it was light of tablet. Are you still scared? Anjali says no.
Kamiya says prem you remember we used to watch horror movies in college? Prem says yes. Kamiya says lets watch it again. Kamiya says simar you should rest. Prem says no no simar you come to. kamiya says let her rest. Prem says I will put bam on her foot. Simar says no no its not needed. Kamiya says I am making popcorn. Kamiya and Prem leave. Simar recalls her doing yoga with Prem. She says I am thinking too much. Prem and Kamiya are friends.

Prem and Kamiya watch movie. She is scared.
Simar coughs at night, there is no water. Simar goes downstairs to get water.
Simar sees Prem and Kamiya sitting close. She knocks at the door. prem says come in Simar. Simar says I wasn’t sleepy so I thought I should watch movie with you guys. Prem says very good come sit. Kamiya says i think you needed water. Let me bring you water. Simar sits with Prem. She is scared. Prem says don’t be scared I am here. The light goes off. SImar says more scared now. Let me bring torch. Prem says you are already hurt. Simar says I can find anything in the dark in this house.
Simar turns on the torch in room,she screams as she sees a witch. Its Kamiya, her hair are long and she is wearing red sari. Simar says that.. Prem says what happened? Kamiya walks in. prem says wait a minute. Simar is scared. Lights turn on.
Kamiya laughs and says simar.. Everyone comes in. Prem says what is this Kamiya. Kamiya says you got so scared simar. I did this deliberately to scare you. Everyone laughs. Pari says look at you Simar. Prerna and Mata ji come in too. Mataji says whats going on? Prerna says are you okay Simar? Kamiya turns back. Mata ji says what is it? Kamiya says we were just scaring Simar. Prem says no one will laugh now. Simar says I was so scared. Prem says it was just a joke. Simar says this is was not funny. Kamiya says I am sorry Simar. Prem says Kamiya.. this is not college. kamiya says I am sorry. Khushi and sankalp says sorry bhabhi. Prem says I am sorry. I didn’t even laugh. Uma says simar has seen and fought real ones. Simar says prem can we go to our room? Simar says yes sure. Kamiya says goodnight simar I am sorry. Prem takes her to room. Kamiya says simar is so lucky. Prem loves and cares for her so much. Mataji says their couple is one in a million. Now go to your rooms. The all leave.

Next morning, Kamiya says on call dont worry my story with prem will start soon because I love Prem. prerna overhears its.

Precap-Prerna tells Simar everythign. Simar says to kamiya how dare you. She slaps Kamiya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Loved today epi soooo much… Premar looking sooo romantic nd cute together

  2. cute premar scence i loved it plz more premar scence good episode lovely moments

    1. Yeah want to see more PREMAR scenes

  3. After a long time seeing PREMAR romantic….intresting ssk nownow…love the complete episode…

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