Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjali asks Simar to burn all their memories, dolls, pictures and everything. She says come of set all this one fire. She puts fuel on all this and asks simar to lit them. Simar sets it one fire in tears. Mataji says don’t cry its not your mistake. Simar hugs him. She says how can she do this. She is my daughter. Sanju says she has done this to take revenge from me. Now see what i answer you with.

Anjali comes to samir and tells him. He says I heard already. Sanju coems there with juice. She says your breakfast time. Anjali says who asked you for this? Sanju says samir is my husband so I will do all this for him. I will clean the room as well since there is a lot of dirt around him.

Simar comes to terrace and says where all this mud came from? Anjali says clean

all this. Simar starts cleaning it. She gets tired. Roshni fills the bucket for her. Sanju and ananiya come and give her water. Ananiya says please drink water. Simar drinks the water. Simar says thank God for these three daughter. She hugs them.

Arav says last night I went after samir. He says samir met somoene outside the house. Piyush says who could that be? Arab says his face was hidden. I feel like he has some other reason behind all this. And even anjali doesn’t know what his intentions are. Doorbell rings.
Piyush says where is ma? they call on her number but simar’s phone is only home.

They come to simar in terrace. Piyush says when you got out of room? Simar says sanju told me. Simar was looking for proofs ins samir’s room. SAnju says I saw them coming from balcony. Simar says I looked everywhere but property papers were nowhere.
Sanju says i have an idea to find that out.

Scene 2
SAnju comes to samir’s room with pillows. Anjali says what are you doing here? Sanju says I am samir’s wife. Anjali says get out of here. I won’t let you sleep here. Sanju says I will sleep here. Anjali tries to snatch pillows from here. She falls down. Samir giggles. sanju says oh you fell. Hold my hand and get up. Anjali holds her hand to get up again but slips again. Sanju says sorry how can I give you my hand I am your servant.
This is my room as well. No one can ask me to leave from here. I will be with my husband. She sleeps on a sofa.

At night, samir gets a call. He wakes up. Someone texts I am outside. He goes out and calls someone. SAmir comes back to his room. SAnju is keeping an eye on him. He sleeps.

Precap-Sanju says to samir I have fasted for your long life today. I will break this fast in temple. I will only eat the first thign from your hand. Samir says tonight sanju has to give her test of love.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Pranav

    ssk will once again be in top 5 if avika came back

  2. Smebdy please tell me why d hell dis setial is gng on cnt dey end it wid a hppy endng.its jst simar mataji dose 3 chudail vamps rest of d chatacters hve gt to stnd and listn to wat dese hav to say and jst actng of givng expressns for wat “dese” have dne.addng to dat cmes anjali oh gud lord sme1 please admit her to a mental asylum and why in d hell is she provided vid all luxuries??once in awhile i vl chck wats hppng here its all sme story vid diff characters replacng d vamp side.its gud dat avika and manish left d show way b4 dis huge mess

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  4. Why no updates again?

    Msg from Team: SSK comes to Monday to Friday only now.

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