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Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mataji says when simar is in seventh month we will do her baby shower, think positive everyone. Khushi says in heart this child is already creating problems. Our children will have no worth.
Prem and simar comes from shopping. Prem says today is your baby shower and you had to go to shopping. Simar says let me bring water. Prem says I have to take care of you and this child. Let me bring it. Prem says you shouldn’t have gone shopping. Simar says I am okay. I know your choice with kids. Prem says you mean I have a bad choice? Simar says no no if you had gone you would have bought all things pink and boring boys things for sanju and anjali. Mata ji says yes in some things women are better than men. Mataji gives her water. Simar says why did you bring it? Mataji says I am

taking care of him.

Sujata meets baba. Baba says dont live in future or past. Live in present. Sujatata says I am just worried for my kids. Baba says take out this doubt from your heart and welcome this child.Sujata says what if he is kaal? Baba says no man is born bad. There is a little devil in all of us. That child is blessed go and accept him.

Mataji says to Simar I have bought a new sari for you. Wear it today. Baba says that child is a good human. Simar will make him even better. Sujata says but you said this child will bring problems for us. For satisfaction of heart, can’t we just for one test if that child is devil or not?
Anjali says so many toys for the new baby. What did you buy for me? Prem says we forgot to buy for you. Sorry. Simar says he is kidding. Can we forget you? Anjali says can I take this teddy bear? Simar says yes of course. Anjali says thank you mama.
Simar says mataji I get bored resting all day. Let me make kheer. Mataji says if that makes you happy then do it. After that get ready.
Baba gives sujata a bowl and says put milk in it and place near simr’s bed. This milk will turn black if there is any evil inside her.

Scene 2
The function starts. Mataji and family welcomes all the guests. A woman says what are men doing here? This function is for women. Prerna says yes yes go from here. Mataji says where is simar?
Simar is making kheer. Mataji says I asked you to rest. simar says jhanvi keep an eye on the kheer. Mataji says sit here everyone is waiting for you. Everyone congratulates simar and sujata. Mataji says this is a blessing for all of us.

The ritual starts. Sujata looks upset. The gift falls from her hand. A woman says is that true what we have heard? Is simar’s child devil?
Prerna says lets starts the dance. preren and jhanvi dance.
Someone maximizes the stove heat on simar’s kheer. Mataji does all the rituals.
Mataji says I was thinking we will serve the kheer after dinner. simar says it must be ready. Jhanvi says let me check it. Jhanvi comes back and says that kheer is burnt. Everyone is dazed. Simr says I placed it on low heat Sujata says this is not a good sign. All the women say that child is devil. Khushi says this child will ruin our lives SImar says this is my mistake. sujata says this is not your mistake your child did it. All the women say her child is devil I am going. I am so scared. simar says don’t go like this. Have dinner please. A woman says we wont even drink water. They all go.

Precap-Simar stops prem from taking her child to orphanage. She says today you all have made me stand at a point where i have to choose either myself or my child. and I choose my child.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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