Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Thakurain says i wont let you harm this family, mohini looks at the cat. The cat howls at the thaurain. Mohini throttles her. Downstairs wedding celebrations are on going. Suddenly they all see a woman fall on the floor, they are all shocked. Mataji says look who she is, Roli slides hair from her face and is shocked to see that its thakurain. sunanda says in heart how she came here? Mata ji says she was in custody how she came here? Sunanda says in says heart she will tell them truth, Sunanda says you all know her reality. She can come anytime here. She shouldn’t be here on this good eve.

Sanju and anjali are scared. Sanju says please aunty let us go to mama. Anjali says yes please aunty. Mohini says no don’t go anywhere and listen to me now. Whatever you saw, don’t

tell anyone. If you do then this cat will eat you both.
Pari says mata ji please call cops. Rajhidner says yes i have called inspector. Cops come, amar says she is here. They put thakurain on stretcher.
Sujata says we couldn’t get done with a single event peacefully. simar says in heart i will do all the rituals no matter what.
Mohini says to the kids i will make you both sparrow if you dont keep my secret. Sanju says please don’t. Anajali says we wont tell anyone. We are scared of this cat. mohini says yes you should be scared,this cat is furious. Now promise you wont tell anyone anything. This cat always listens to me and now you two will as well.
Simar says why is she after us? Sunanda says she knows whats in her heart. We can’t know that, so leave it. Mata ji says no simar is right, we have to figure out why she is after us. I will go to police station tomorrow. Pandit says we shouldn’t waste more time and proceed with the wedding. Mata ji says yes start it. The wedding starts again.

Sunanda comes in the room, she says that thaurain is after us. Mata ji will go to cops tomorrow to talk to her. We came here to take sanjina with us, we will do the pooja that was left incomplete last time. Its important for both of us witches. Mohini says they can’t harm us, we are witches. Mohini says the pooja that was left incomplete shall be completed. Mohini says we need sanjina and anjali but my mission is greater now. We will take prem with us as well, this will kill us. We will take all simar has with us.

Roli says to simar and sanju and anajli are so excited about us as well. Jhanvi says maa and papa should get married as well. Pari says now you are competing with anjali and sanju. Uma says but where they are ? mohini says they are here with with me. simar asks them what happened why are you both quite? Mohini says they played a lot they are tired maybe, i asked to sleep but they said they will attend the wedding. Roli says even we are tired. They are kids. Mohini says they are you girls, i understand your tension.

The wedding starts, prem and simar sit together. Pandit asks their clothes to be tied. Mohini bows down, roli says sorry mohini but i can’t let you do this, this is only my right, she sits binds them together with the knot. Mohni cuts a piece of simar’s clothes. She says in heart i will make prem do my mission for me.

Precap-Mohini reads her mantra, prem and simar are doing their rounds, suddenly simar falls faint.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I’m getting sick and tired and fed up of ridiculous and stupid stories.

  2. Updates are slow

    Oh so thakrurain is good. Wonder what happens to sanju anjali and prem. The story is ridiculous though.

  3. poor simar alwayz facing trouble all tym

  4. Getting exited wat will happen will premar marriage happen??

  5. So kunika is Good
    But this track is not that gud

  6. As I said earlier nothing is as simple as it seems and thakurain is good and mohini and her mom are the witches. Cold bloods!

  7. The witches need sanjina to complete their pooja ok… but why they need prem also???Why they shud stop prem-simar marriage? Mohini cud have just taken sanjina away and completed her mission na??

  8. I think just like other villains the witches are after the bharadwaj house and their business properties!! ??

  9. Inorder to get those properties, they are targetting sanjina and prem first…. After all so far we saw, ssk serial villains are after bharadwaj family’s properties only!! So there is nothing new here…. snatching their prolerties ib the form of black magic!!!

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