Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th July 2013 Written Update

Sid is very happy seeing his Roli back. Roli holds his pinky and he smiles. Roli gets unconscious now and is about to fall, but Sid catches her. He takes her to the room and family calls doctor. Doctor informs family that Roli’s condition is very bad and she will need to do proper checkup. She asks everyone to go out, but Sid says I won’t go anywhere. He is holding her hand and says I will stay with my Roli. Doctor says he can stay but asks rest of the family members to go out. Everyone leaves, but Simar is still there. Jhumki comes back and tells Simar nothing will happen to your sister. She will be fine. Jhumki takes Simar and leaves.

Mataji seems to be angry with Jhumki. She asks her why she betrayed them. Simar says, Jhumki didn’t betray us and she didnt come here with

any wrong intentions either. She came here because I and Prem told her to. Everyone is shocked. Prem says, yes… Jhumki met us in Laxmanpur and tells everything from finding her and training her to be Roli and then bringing here. Simar says, Jhumki came here to save us all. If she didn’t help, then we would have lost our house long time ago. It’s only because of Jhumki we could get rid off Khushi and Veeru. Family feels this was a betrayal with them. They could have at least told them. Sujata questions Simar and Prem why they did us. Prem’s father interrupts and says, they have grown up and that is why they didn’t feel like discussing it with us. Doctor comes down with Sid and argument stops. Doctor says, there is nothing to be scared about, but Roli is in a big shock so it will be better if you all keep her happy. Doctor says she will come again for checkup tomorrow.

Family asks Simar where she found Roli and what happened to her. Simar tells everyone Bantu wasn’t in a hostel, but was kidnapped by Veeru and he was blackmailing Jhumki to kill me if she wants Bantu back. And then I and Jhumki planned to call him on a place and make him fool and run away with Bantu. But then I saw someone had kept Roli tied there.

Mataji asks Simar if she found who were those people. Simar says no. Mataji asks if Roli said anything. Simar says, Roli is not in condition to speak. Sid says, doctor said Jhumki is still in a shock and if we talk about this, then her condition will get worse. Mataji declares whatever Simar and Prem did in this situation was a right thing. Jhumki is happy. Mataji gives blessings to Simar and is very thankful to Jhumki. She gives her blessings as well and prays she gets all the happiness. Jhumki says, I already got all the happiness by coming to this house. This orphan got family’s love from all of you. She apologizes everyone for any mistake that she might have done. Everyone is happy. Prem says in his mind, Simar you were in such big trouble, and didn’t even tell me about it. He leaves from there in disappointment and Simar wonders what happened to him.

Simar comes to the room. She says I know you’re upset with me, but trust me all these happened so fast that I didn’t get chance to tell you anything. You had already doubt on Jhumki and mataji was also sick so I decided not to give you any more stress. Prem says you could at least call.. what if anything happened to you. Simar says, nothing happened to me. You’re my strength. It’s only because of you I was able to bring Roli and Bantu back. You weren’t there with me, but your love, faith, strength always stay with me, in my heart. Prem is finally satisfied and smiles.

Mataji tells everyone not to ask any question that can put stress on Roli. She is going to meet her, but the priest comes. He reminds everyone today it’s Sid and Roli’s wedding and preparations should be going on right now. Mataji says, it may not be possible now. But Jhumki says, it will happen and on the time that was decided. Everyone is surprised. Prem says, what are you saying? When this is not possible, why are you even talking about it? Jhumki says, why can’t it happen? Everything is ready. Jhumki tells mataji, as long as I know, you won’t do injustice with anyone. Mausiji says, what you are saying.. can’t happen. Jhumki says, since I came here, I heard about fairness, justice.. what happened today now? This wedding will definitely happen. Everyone is surprised with this statement of Jhumki.

Precap: Roli/Jhumki is in bride dress and standing in front of Roli and Sid’s photo. Simar comes and thinks it’s Jhumki. She explains her that Sid and Roli are made for each other and requests her to step back from her decision of marrying Sid.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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