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Sasural Simar Ka 20th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar wakes up and says i slept so late and no one even woke me up. She goes downstairs. Everyone is doing pooja in temple. Roli sees her and says didi.
Mata ji says its makarsakranti today. SImar says what? As much as I remember we had day left. And what is this idol doing here? I was incomplete when I made it. Simar says what is happening roli? Mata ji please tell me. Simar says there were so many days left for makarsakranti. Why i feel like I am forgetting everything? Simar says say something please. Mata ji says in heart i think simar has forgotten everything. Simar sees sindur in devika’s hairline. She removes it. Mata ji says to simar you were not well, you were unconcsious for so many days. Uma says and khushi is here because she has realized her mistake and she

apologized all of us. Karuna says devika will stay with us too. Mata ji says there is construction going on in her house so she brought the idol here too. Simar say oh. Devika I told you stay with us. And see mata rani sent you here. Btw i caught another thing today. You can’t conceal it. I have seen sindur in your hairline. Why didn’t you tell us that you are married?
Prem says what will happen now. Devika says you just woke up i think you should rest. And I will tell you whole story. roli says she is right. Simar says wait. Prem everyone said something why are you so quite? I don’t remember anything but i know all time i was unconscious you would have been with me. Roli says lets go.

Devika says how long will we conceal it from simar. mata ji says unless we have our way out. And devika hide this sindur and wedding locket from simar. Please handle that. rajhinder says how will we handle all that? sattu says thats wrong. Mata ji says we are doing this for her. And we had circumstances. We have to get rid of that patali.

Anjali comes to kitchen to ask for food. She sees simar and gets scared. She goes to roli.
Simar wonders why anjali got scared when she saw her? She says maybe she was hungry.
Roli takes anjali with her. Simar asks pari should I make the garland?
Uma sees the sweets pan Simar made. She and pari are dazed. Pari says why is it yellow not white? Devika says this means simar’s goodness is still not back.
Mataji says what should we do? Devika says simar shouldn’t know that I and Prem are married. Evil will conquer over her again and that too not under gaitri. Khushi says how is this possible? Devika says this is power of gaitri. Pandit says but you have to do pooja because you are prem’s wife. Rajhinder says simar would break when she hears this. Gaitri says Pandit ji start pooja let me call prem. Simar says why only prem? Not me? Devika is dazed.

Devika says no. Simar says I was just joking. Why are you so worried? I came for pooja, I know its pooja today. What happened? And today neither I nor prem can forget. This day is special for both of us. So no matter how busy he is he comes bcak home and joins me in pooja. Mata ji says right. but you are forgetting something? Simar says what? Mata ji says didn’t jhanvi and khushi tell you? You have to go to temple and donate. We did this for your good health. We will do pooja once you return. The time for pooja is 4. Simar says then this is right.
Simar says okay then I will go. Simar stops and says wait a minute. Simar goes in her room, mata ji says lets get started. Khushi take care of everything. This is not like every year’s pooja.
Simar says where is my wedding locket? I always keep it in here. She asks prem have you seen my wedding locket? Prem says it got broken. I gave it to jeweler to repair.Simar says this is not a good sign. Prem says I will bring it back don’t worry. Simar says jahnvi and khushi are waiting. I am going with them to temple. she leaves.
Prem says I am sorry but I have to lie to you simar.

The pooja starts mata ji says I am sorry simar but I have to do this. This havan is for our house. She says pandit ji start the pooja.
Simar comes to temple and asks pandit ji can we do it fast so we can go and do makar sakranti’s pooja. Pandit says but the time is 3 for that.

Precap-Simar is on her way back. Prem and devika are doing pooja. Simar comes in and sees them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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