Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Anjalu says when will it be 6. I am so hungry. VIkram comes and says the food was so tasty and I ate so much. Anjali says stop it. Vikram says I am sorry. I was just kidding. She says I won’t talk. He says I won’t have dinner just for you. She says for me? He says yes. vIkram says why don’t you sleep till six. Then you wake up and we will eat together? Anjali says good idea. She sets her alarm and sleeps.

Piyush says I don’t even wanna see her face. He throws her stuff in the hall. Piyush says keep her away from me. SImar says please calm down. Roshni says its okay. He doesn’t trust me then all of that doesn’t matter. Roshni takes her stuff from there. Simar goes after her.

Saroj comes in Anajali’s room and manipulates her


Scene 2
Piyush comes to hospital. He says Vadahi look at me. Seeing at the wall won’t hide your emotions. You can’t stay away from me. And I care for you. And see what I brought. she says what is this? He says rental papers of a house I got for you. She says I don’t need your favors. He says I need to do this as repentance. I owe you this. You are this way because of me. Please accept it. I won’t be able to forgive myself. Please Vadahi. She says okay I will take it. Piyush says thank you so much. He leaves.
KB comes. Vadahi shows her keys and papers. KB says well played.

Simar comes to roshni. she says he used to trust me but this is all punish of my sins. Simar says forget the past. I know you are right now. Don’t blame yourself. You have to be strong. I will stand by you no matter what. Roshni says Piyush will trust Vadhai. He won’t even listen to me. Simr says I don’t get one thing, Vadahi lied to Piyush? Why? Roshni recalls seeing her with Kb. Roshni says in heart I can’t tell her she is already worried. I need to know what they are upto first.

KB sees the papers and says you have used him pretty well. This is the first step. Vadhi says I told you Piyush can do anything for me. Khushi says everything is going as planned. Vadahi says yes and I can use him as I like. He only believes what I tell him. Like I faked all that Roshni story. Vadhai saw Roshni’s bangle there and said thank Vadahi for giving me this to use. You took my love now see what I do. Vadah says then Roshni came home and made my plan easier. I placed her bangle as a proof. KB says you have to treat Piyush as your puppet.

Saroj says I am going to temple. Anjali is asleep. She wakes up. Anjalu says all the hours passed and I woke up on right time. Let me go and eat kichri. Raju serves it for her. He says tai ji asked me to prepare it for you. Anajli looks at it and says this looks so boring. She is about to eat it Saroj stops her hand and says I told you you can’t eat after sunset. Anjali says I know and its 6. she look in the clock and its 7. Anjali says what? Its dark but my clock showed 6. Saroj says in heart I altered time in her clock. Anjali comes back her watch shows 6:15. Anjali says it was okay when I slept. this means someone used it and tai ji did that. she wants to torture me. You have messed with wrong girl. I was fasting with heart for my family. Now I will tell you what Anjali can do.

Precap-Simar says to Piyush we wanted to meet Vadahi. Piyush says she is discharged. I don’t know where she is now. Simar looks in Piyush’s room for Vadahi’s contact. She sees the rental contract. Simar comes to that house and sees Piyush leaving the house and Vadahi seeing him off.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please don’t make vadahi’s role as negative

  2. Please end the role of roshni we don’t want her anymore

    1. Common yaar roshni itnaabhi bhuri Nahi Hai, she have a guilt for what she did.

  3. Unfortunately Anjali, it seems they are going to butcher Vaidehi just to make Roshni good.
    But for me Roshni and Piyush deserves whatever Vaidehi does to them.
    And I wil never like Roshni or accept her with Piyush.

    1. exactly I agree wid you they making her negative so that they can turn roshni into a new simar after all simar is leaving the show.
      Simar is such a brat women she doesn’t even care for vaidehi now I feel KB was always right atleast she shows what she is not like simar

  4. plzz in dis all brng sanjana

    1. Sssssss, i Also want sanju and make her Fall with rohan

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