Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simare and prem are hidden in mata ji’s room. Amar comes out of the room, snake is about to to leave. simar says thank God Mata ji didn’t see it. she couldn’t bear it. Prem says lets go from here. Simar says amar broke this vase to save us. Prem says his life is in danger. He must be behind pillar. Simar says please take care of him God. Suddenly sid wakes up looking for sid. He comes out. The snake goes from there. Simar and prem go to amar. Simar says she can’t go to sid in this condition, she can’t harm us now. she becomes woman again.

sid comes and says where were you? She says i was with mata ji. she is sleeping now. fake roli says you know maa ji asked us to take care of mata ji. sid says i knew that you mist be there. why you look worried?

She says nothing. sid says i know whole family has gone to do the pooja, you are missing it. I am changing, so should you. Fake roli says in heart someone was there for sure. Fake roli asks sid how much you love me? He says more than my life. she says my happiness starts from you and ends at you. She holds sid’s hand to know if he knows anything. Fake roli says to sid i have waited for this moment since two years, i want to make you mine forever. Prem and amar are overhearing them. Fake roli satnds up and looks out but no one is there.

She goes towards the red door room. amar says sid is with her already then she wants? what is she trying to do? She comes out of the red door, simar, prem and amar hide. FAke roli come out with a plate covered with red cloth. She goes to sid and takes off the red cloth. There is some stuff in the plate.she picks a yellow thread and makes sid wear it. Prem and mar go to simar and tell her that there was a yellow thread. she has started it. we have to stop her. Amar says she is not even human. now i know why simar couldn’t tell anyone. yu must have suffered to hide her reality. prem says but why is she after sid?
Prem says what happened simar? Simar says we will get out answers in the red door. We have to go in. SImar says only i will go in, she can pardon me but not you two. prem says but.. simar says please stay here and keep and eye on her. Prem says take care of yourself.

simar is standing in front of the red door, she steps in. there are many candles. There is an idol of God. Simar says why was she doing pooja here? what is all this? Simar sees a trunk there. She pens it and get dazed and scared.

Precap-simar says in her eyes i am in hospital. Fake roli goes to hospital and doesn’t find simar there. she says you betrayed me again, and you played with that trunk, you will be punished for it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Don’t drag..plz.
    B fast..

  2. oooo who is fake roli? she is ichadari nagin… whats behind red door? behind red door thr is a box… now wat is thr in the box…. OMG waiting fr nxt episode… scary.. like rgv film tooo slow n suspnc bt nthg… stil entrtaining

  3. Again box mystery… Please don’t say that sid is also a snake in his previous birth…

    Now she wants to unite him in this present birth….

  4. der will be a male naag inside d box

  5. what is this how long will they take….

  6. Previously sid is attacked by a snake na and it came back and saved sid that snake died and that is fake roli husband so she is after sid

  7. So… Will she try to turn sid into a snake too?? like, an ichadari naag? O.o

  8. I dont knw what dey r going to do nw.fed up of dis fake roli

  9. anybody can tel medis plz…… is ssk and bv going off air on march 7th 2015….????

    1. ssk going off air on march idea abt bv

      1. from wer you get dis news…? can u tel me …..

    2. r u watching DABH?……..

  10. google title page..type ssk the date will come

  11. They r dragging it too much .stop showing everything in slow motion.losi g patience.what cud b in d box?i guess her partner…wateva it goes thrilling..

  12. Ssk not gona end it seems.sonebody z its just a mistakein d u cant c the date inwiki.

  13. Anyhow 2 serials in colours go off air. Not sure abt ssk

    1. Which two serials and how did u know

  14. Oh the most weird comedy show on this earth is still on air???

  15. Fake roli wants sid bcoz when sid was bitten by snake whn they went to village to save simar from vikrat it must be this nagin’s male partner.. same story like nagina may be

  16. boringgggggggggg

  17. Hi fashion i read in facebook page that 2serials in colors to go off air

  18. I think in trunk it’s body of her husband and she wl kill sid by doing mantras n puja n mk her husband alive again

  19. Ya it’s going off on March 7 2015

  20. what is dat holi celebrations in ssk with nagin…. when dis track will end?…? what about dat photo s it holi celbrations in ssk? or it is holi promo for colors.. can u tel me any one..

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