Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 20th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: In the hospital
The doctors comes out, and aftre standing speechless to their increased questions, much to their fear and tells them that he tried his best to save simar, but its beyong them to save simar now. The whole bharadwaj family is shocked and distraught to hear this. Mataji refuses to believe this saying that this cant happen. Prem catches hold of the doctor’s collar, having gone berserk hearing this, saying that she cant leave her midway, as they have sworn to live and die together. Sid comforts him and tells the doctor to do anything, something and if he needs money, they can give as much as he want, but find a way to save her. the doctor says that he’s extremely sorry but they have kept her on the ventilator, but if her condition

doesnt improve in the next 24hours, then they would have to take her off life support. The whole family is in shock.

Roli says to herself that nothing would happen to simar. She enters simar’s ward and approaches her bed, in a trance, looking at the blank monitors and the ventilator thats breathing for simar. She remembers their times of bonding together. She says how can simar do this, as she had promised that she would be with roli forever, and now she’s breaking that promise. she asks what would happen without her, of this family. What about prem and anjali. Mataji and mausiji watch from outside. she breaks down saying that everyone needs her, as they dont have a habit of living without her. Prem enters and comes by roli’s side, looking at simar in a daze, disbelieving what his eyes see. roli runs out of the room crying. He sits by simar’s bedside. Roli watches him from outside. the doctor and the nurse monitor simar’s vital stats in vain. Prem takes simar’s hand in his.

When the doctor comes outside, he tells the eager family that simar’s condition hasnt improved, much to their shock. He says thta the next 24 hours are very critical, and she is beyond medical sciences and needs their prayers. The family is in shock to hear this.

Roli starts walking backwards, determined saying that nothing would happen to simar as she wont let anything happen. Mausiji is surprised at her strange behaviour and tries to stop her, but she runs from there saying that simar cant leave them like this, with mausiji in tow. Mausiji comes back to comfort mataji.

Khushi watches this from behind the wall, evilly thinking that before going, viru did one good work and thats killing simar. She thinks that the one bonding this family together was simar, and that if she dies, then it wont be difficult to take down the whole family.

Sid gives his family water and asks for roli and goes looking after her, wondering where she went. He goes to check simar’s ward but only finds roli there. sujata tells that roli must be around. Mausiji says that roli has gone out reiterating him what she had heard from roli. sid offers to call, but mausiji says that she has roli’s mobile. Sid wonders what to do next. after the family is distanced, sid asks mausiji where could roli be.

Scene 2:
Location: Police station
Viru is cursing roli that she took undue advantage of his love, and that now he wont let her live in peace. khushi enters saying that he is unsalvageable, as even now he’s thinking about roli, reprimanding him for not listening to her, when she had warned him, and now losing everything that he had.

Khushi tells viru that she has come there to give him the good news, that simar is breathing her last in the hospital and that if she dies, then roli would as it is die in mourning. Viru has a stoical look on his face. She says that now they wuld understand what happenes when they mess with viru and khushi. She says that he might turn his back away from her, but she would definitely get him out of jail, but she doesnt get a response from him. The screen freezes on her frustrated face.

Precap: NONE

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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