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Sasural Simar Ka 20th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush says don’t you understand I am not hungry.. Mataji says Piyush why are you talking to roshni like that? Piyush says I had to meet someone and I am already late. I am sorry. Prem says Piyush I will come with you. KB says to Roshni don’t worry I will eat it. He will be eating this halwa all his life. Simar says how? Have you started making matches too? Roshni and Piyush are adults and know what they want in life. Simar says Roshni come and have breakfast.
Vadahi calls her friends and asks for vacancies. Vadahi says what should I do? I have really hurt simar aunty. I know Piyush and her would be looking for me. I have to go from Dehli before they come and stop me.

Vikram drops Anjali at her shoot site. He says best of luck. Anjali says thank you and

hugs him. He says I don’t wanna leave you. She says don’t worry I will be fine. He says can I come with you, to take care of you. She says I will be more nervous in front of you. He says okay call me and have lunch on time. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Prem and Piyush are on their way. Prem comes to a cafe. Piyush says why are we here? Prem says sit here. Prem says brings coffee. He says we have blood relation. I could feel your heart beat when you were not even in this world. Don’t lie to me. Piyush recalls when he met prem first time. Piysuh says I am sorry. Prem says tell me truth were you thinking of Vadahi? He says why would. Prem says then? It hurts you. How will you tell her that you love her. You are my son. Our men love proudly. They tell everyone. If your heart is pure go and tell her you love her. When she sees truth in your eyes she will come running to you. You can’t find a girl? You are letting me down. Do everything with patience. Piyush says where will I find her? And then I don’t even know if she loves me or not. If she loved me she won’t have left me like this. Prem says if you wanna know some girl’s heart you will never know. I could never understand your mom. They both laugh. Prem says don’t be scared of a no and tell her you love. Piyush says what if she says no? Prem says we will accept it. There won’t be any regrets. Go and find her. Its time for action. Cheers. They both drink coffee. Prem says that’s like my son.

Anjali comes to her shoot. Atul introduces her to co model. Vikram says Anajli forgot her charger. Let me give it to hear. Anjali shoots in a very short dress. She is a little nervous. Director asks her to come and stand close to the actor. He pulls her. Atul says anjali are you ready? Just be confident. Its your first ad. anjali shoots. Vikram comes there. The gaurd stops him. He says I am Vikram.. Anjali hears his voice. She says I am coming. She wears her coat. Anjali says why you came? He says you forgot your charger. anjali says thank you so much. Suddenly anjali stumbles and her coats opens. Vikram turns back. Anjali tries to tie her coat. Vikram says is everything okay? She says yes. Anjalu says the charger fell. He says you have only one. And why are you wearing this on jewelry shoot? She says they were doing make up right now. I will change the sari in a while. He leaves.

Piyush searches online for Vadahi. prem comes and says I think my words have affected you. He says I have this idea. You said I should tell her. I am doing that. Prem says good.

Vikram comes home He says I went to pick anjali and she had a problem with that. Women have a problem with everything. Anjali says I didn’t mean that. Sanjev says he is kidding. Tao ji asks how was your shoot? and when is it publishing? Anjali says its regional it won’t publish in dehli. Saroj says you will get a copy? Anjali says I don’t know that yet.
I should go rest. Vikram says anjali have dinner. She says I ate already.
Anjali says I have calm down. Its regional no one will see it here. After this I will geta break in a movie. no one can stop me.

Precap-KB is leaving for shoot. KB sees Anjali’s ad in the paper. She calls Anjali and tells her. Anjali runs she sees it in the paper. Saroj sees it too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I like this episode………….

    I like very much Prem and Piyush like this way discuss together………..

    Don’t ruin this relationship……………

    If Sanju and Sid also there……. it will be more interesting………

    And if Roli also alive it will the great show…………..

    Please do something like that………

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