Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini gives sword to simar and says kill the girl. Simar is dazed. Mohini says what are you thinking? Hurry up. sunanda says take it. Amar says the pooja must hav started I have to reach there. Amar stops a bike, he says i can help you I am a mechanic. Amar says can I use your bike? I have to with inspector, its about someone’s life. He says if thats the case then you can. Sunanda says to simar, this hesitation is for first time only. Gather the courage and slaughter her. Sunanda says kill her. Mohini says enough of this drama. I told you, its not that easy. You weak people can’t do this. If you can’t sacrifice her i will. Mohini takes the sword from simar. Simar says please save my sanju God, I have only one way. I have to show my face to mohini. Mohini is about

to kill sanju. Inspector comes in and says stop. He points gun at her. Simar wonders where is amar. Amar is hidden behind the door. Inspector says stay where you are don’t move. He shakes sanju and says get up. Mohini says leave her. Inspector says you better care about yourself. Mohini says what you mean? He says according to info there are two witches here. I have caught you red handed. All other cops come in as well. Inspector asks to collect all the proofs. Simar takes that bottle secretly. Insepctor says you should be ashamed of your deeds. Mohini says tell me what you want? He says we don’t want your money. Rest of the family comes out. They are dazed to see sanju. Inspector says they were sacrificing a girl and you were asleep. Karuna says this was for the girl’s health. Inspector says dont fool me and we are not helpless like you. Arrest them both. Mohini says you cant arrest us and who said all this about us? He says am I fool to tell you his name? Mohini says now i will show you what can i do.
Cops arrest mohini and sunanda. Sunanda says leave me.

mohini says to inspector you will have to pay for this. Cops take them with them. Jhanvi gets sanju up. Simar says just like i saved rest of my family, i will bring them all back. Sanju is not opening her eyes. Jhanvi says let me call doctor. She sprinkles water on herb face. Sanju opens her eyes. Simar steps back. sanju says mama.

Sunanda says to mohini this is a plot. Mohini says simar must have done this. Sunanda says what will we do? Mohini says we will get out of this, they cant keep a witch detained. Amar says thank God everything went as planned. Sanju goes to simar and hugs her. Khushi says she is not your mom. Simar takes off the cloth from her face. Everyone is dazed to see its simar.
Amar says our faith won, simar is back and they are in jail. And sanjina is safe. Rajhinder says you knew she was simar? Jhanvi says yes we knew. She has been livin here. uma says but that day it was not simar. simar says that was part of the plan. Sujata says Simar we had to say that we dont recognize you please pardon us. Simar says please dont apologize you did this for the family you were all helpless. Everything will be fine soon. She takes out that liquid. Simar says she put three drops in pot and took sanjuu out. We will use it. Please bring mata ji’s pot from your house. Amar says yes you bring rest of them.
Simar drips the liquid in the pot. Simar says why is mata ji not coming out?

Precap-Amar says what will we do now? simar says its about time that we should fight from front. Mohini says to inspector i will seek revenge. simar says its your time to repay mohini.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. pratyusha’s stint to end on ssk?
    ssk on colors become quite popular for showcasing some unusal track which the audience never thought of seeing daily soaps.
    as per current track , mohini is trying to kill sanjana,will she succed in her plan?
    no,just before mohini is about to kill sanju she will change her mind and will ask simar to complete the task. however, as per simar’s plan amar will arrive with police at bharadwaj house and they will arrest mohini and her mother. with th help of her black magic ,mohini and her mother will escape from jail and return to bh. later, audience will see that the mother and mohini are hanging themselves in a room of bh.
    so does this mean pratyusha’s stint end on ssk?
    well the answer is no as she will come back, as demnos cannot die. this trick is just to show the world that she is dead but there is something else in her mind.
    our credible source from the set gave us some inside news that because of some issues production house was planning to replace pratyusha bannerjee. source said “during the shooting of the sucide scene , things got worst and pratyusha left the shoot midway. but, now things are sorted out and pratyusha resumed shooting”
    well the reason behind the tiff is still under the wrap butsome things are better if we kept hidden.
    stay tuned.

  2. i have doubt how cvs fooling us one of the episode pari saves simar,, mohini try to kill her own with knife. but there is no single drop of blood and khushi says witches are not having blood. and in yesterday episode mohini cut her hand with sward then how blood came?? she dont have blood as she is daayan right? how cvs will show that how they forget what they show in preious episode… how they fools us..
    well mataji also back in ssk started shooting .. when mohini plans to trap bharadwaj clan to do her sucide drama.. well something in her mind this time,….how simar saves rest of the family…. waiting for prem,pari,anjali,roli, and siddhanth.. hope they also back soon in ssk…

  3. Friends you know today episode no.
    Wow that’s amazing…

  4. Just unusual dragging and dragging….

  5. again dayaan backs and did sucide …. but, now how simar saves rest of the family…. mataji also back… waiting rest of them come back soon…

  6. why mataji didnt came out??? i think simar didnt chant mantra…

  7. ssk become 4th position trp incresed from 3.3 to 3.7
    3.kumkun bagya
    in colors ssk is top1 with 3.7 trp

  8. Track getting bored pratyusha doesnt fit in the role she is not able to act properly .show some other story wnd tjis daayan show.

  9. What is the full form of ssk and sns ??

    1. ssk(sasural simar ka), sns(saath nibana saathiya). yhm(yeh hai mohabbatein)

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