Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rosy is packing her stuff and leaving. Piyush comes in. Piyush asks what happened?
Piyush takes Rosy to Prem’s room. Prem says what is this. And you Rosy why haven’t you left. Piyush says what happened was my mistake not Mrs. Rosy’s. I wrote that letter form her name. Prem says what the hell are you saying. Piyush says I think its about time I tell you the truth. Piyush says when first time I saw you I felt like you are alone somewhere. I felt like there was nothing like love in your life. Prem says what the hell are you saying. Piyush says its visible from your eyes. You are alone you need someone. so I took Rosy’s help to find if you have any feelings in your heart. Prem says who are you to think about me. Piyush is about to say you son. He stops

and says you well wisher. Prem says you better care about your job. Piyush says you did so much for me. Even if you fire me it won’t bother me. You are like God to me. I can’t see you this sad. I don’t know about your past much but I know your heart is so alone and as long as it is, you will stay sad. I have heard that you really loved your wife and she left you. But sir its about time you need a new love. The place your wife left empty its about time give it to someone else. You should forget her. You will find so many people who would love you. Remove her memories from your heart. Prem slaps him and says shut up. Who the hell are you to say all this about Simar. whatever happened was between us. Where ever she is she is still my wife. No one can take her place ever. Distance between two people doesn’t mean their relation is broken. I can kick you both out right now. but I am forgiving you both as a stupidity. Now get out. They leave. Prem puts his hand on the pen and it bleeds.

Piyush says you both were separated because of me. Now you will be united because of me. I will complete this circle. I will get my mom her daughter and husband back.

Scene 2
At night, Anjali opens Prem’s drawer and takes out money from it. She says thank God. I will be out of this hell tonight. I will never come back.
Simar is unpacking Roshni’s stuff. Rita comes in and throws her clothes away. Rita says you are so clever. You brought my kids in this so you don’t have to leave this house. Simar says Roshni heard.. Rita says enough. And your son’s deeds. SImar says enough don’t drag my son in this. He is my pride and my reason to live. You have no reason to say anything about her. I don’t care what you think doesn’t matter because God knows I have not played any game.
Rita says in heart you took my kids from me. I will take your son from you. She leaves.

Mataji says that son he promised me he will bring Simar. Rajhinder says Mataji please sit. Prem says what boy? Uma says you know mataji keeps talking about Simar all the time with everyone. Prem asks mata ji how is your bruise? Mataji says that pain is lessen. but the heartache.. It doesn’t go. Prem says we will all have breakfast tomorrow. Prem says let me call anjali. Mataji says yes we will have breakfast together. Pari says but she must be mad you scolded at her. Prem says I will talk to her.
Prem comes to Anjali’s room and sees that she is not there.

Scene 3
Anjalu arrives in Mumbai. Anjali says this is freedom from so called family and dad. I am coming Bollywood. That broker had to come pick me up. Anjali is looking outside. She sees a someone waiting for Anjali. He says Mr. Mahesh? He says yes. ANjali says have you arranged my living place? He says yes. Anjali sits in the car.
Everyone is looking for Anjali and is worried.

Anjali says this is the city of dreams.
Mahesh says Madam have you brought the advance? Anjalu says let me see the room first. He says no you first give me 20k. Anjali gives him 20k and says is the apartment good? He says yes.

Prem says Khushi I warned you. She was my responsibility. Now you will tell me where she is. If something happens to her I won’t leave you. sattu says we shouldn’t waste time. Mataji says we have to find anajli. what will tell Simar? We couldn’t take care of her daughter. Uma says take her to room. Prem says there is only one way. He calls the police station.
Rosy tells Piyush that Prem’s daughter has ran away. Prem says I should go home and tell maa.
Inspector asks did you call her friends? Pari says no one knew. Prem says she wanted to go to Mumbai. He says then she must be there. I will send her info there. Pari says you didn’t tell him she threatened to suicide when you asked her not to go to Mumbai. Inspector says we should be ready for all kind of situations. Prem says she wont do any such thing. Just find her. Inspector says we will do our best.

Piyush tells Simar that Anjalu has fled from home. The pan falls from Simar’s hands. Piyush holds her and says ma control yourself.

Precap-Mataji says calls simar she will bring Anjali. Jhanvi says maybe she can bring her back. Khushi says whats the point of recalling her when we have left her. Simar comes in and says because humans can be forgotten but not relations.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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