Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini says the life in the pot. I will see if that person has breathes in fate or not. She says maa keep an eye on all of them. Mohini goes out.
Uma says who can it be. Simar says we have to take it back from us. she will use it to blackmail us. Simar sits in tears. She says i lost after trying so much we lost.
mata ji says dont give up we will find a solution. Simar says how will we get it back from her? Sunanda says so you wont listen to us? I will tell this to mohini.
She will break that pot. I was just saying that mohini’s game has started. She says you wont be able to see her game cause you wont come out but can peek from that window.

simar opens the widnows. Mohini is in the festive on the stage. She has a mic in her hands.
Mohini says

to simar are you scared? Answer me.
mohini gooes back on stage. She is dancing on ‘bari mushkil’.
Mata ji says simar you dont have to go out. Simar says i will because we cant fight sitting here. Mohini stares at them. Sujata says dont go. Simar says she is taking advantage of our emotions. She knows we can do anything for each other. She is doing whatever she can. We have take that pot from her. Simar says God I will be facing her as Simar now. I wont impersonate anymore.

The pooja has started. Simar goes out of them house.
Mohini grasps simar’s arm. Simar says leave me. mohini says i can kill you right now. but that wont be fun. I am waiting for jamnashti pot to break. your family member’s life will end with it. she shows simar the pot hanging up. Simar says kill me but dont do this. Give me a chance. Mohini says no more chances. That pot has to break. I have places prize of 1 lac on it. Simar says i beg you dont do this. Mohini says i wont do this i wanna see whats the decision of your God. See girls are standing on each other to break it. Go save if you can. Mohini says wow they are going up. Simar says please let me go up. Mohini leaves her hand. Simar says to people please dont do this. She says its 1 lac why wont we break it. Simar says please dont. The girl stands on top. She couldn’t break it. Mohini says wow that person has few more breaths. Simar says whoever is protected by God you cant kill them.

Sunanda says to rest of the family you all men are standing here and sent a woman out. Take some responsibilty and help her. Amar says i am going. Mata ji says you wont go out. AMar says we have to help her.Mata ji says she is provoking us. Sunanda says you wont be able to do funeral of that member of your family.

Precap-Mohini says next moment someone from your family has to die. save is you can. Simar steps up on people.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. week spoilers: no rosid this week.. again prem goes missing.. simar and amar save him.. pari backs home but mohini controlls pari….
    1st sep: mohini clutches simar hand and challenges her to save the pot.she has placed on the top of the matki. simar tries to move but cannot break through mohini clutches.
    2nd sep: simar figures out that prem is missing so are the pots. mohini and sunanda are nowhere to be sen mohini calls simar and asks her to follow the instructions for what has to be done next.
    3rd sep: kushi asks pari to rest but kushi leaves the room pari calls mohini informing her that simar is planning something but couldn’t hear her plan.sunanda is upset as they dont know simar’s plan
    4th sep: shailu tells everyone that mohini has done black magic on pari before pari could react everyone hold her and ties her to chair. simar and amar moves are shocked to see mohini at the door.
    5th sep: mohini asks pari to destroy all the three pots. pari rushes towards the pots but black cat attacks pari and stops her. the black cat constantly stares at simar. simar and amar save prem.

      1. Please end this witch episode and get back rolli soon.with out rolli we won’t watch serial

  2. What a bakwaas serial.

  3. best serial ever

  4. great dipika kakkar aka simar

  5. love your acting

  6. please dont end the show

  7. Fdg the serial is nt going to end…i can say this as jayanthi mam has told thhis in twitter….that don’t trust every rumour…so be happy ?

  8. Guys,frm where u r getting these information?pls tell me

    1. jayathi bhatia twitter account she tweet that dont trust rumors.. its fake news.. ssk is not ending

  9. i saw in today segmnt mohini comes home and sprinkle some ashes on members and then took prem and nowhere she found… whose soul is in that pot which breaks down roli?? or pari??? but pari is will be back to the house in tomorrow or day after tomorrow episode……
    when rosid will back in ssk please tel me.. when rosid back???

  10. Till hw far cvs test us..v want rosid back

  11. I realy frustrated to see the serial nowdays.y cant they come with a realistic story .there r so many social issues y cant they make a new track on tat

  12. Any tract it may be missing rosid a lot.tat y am frustrated so much

  13. No serial is nw a days realistic yaar……its jst an entertainment must not compare with real life……but I miss rosid…….hw long to wait……we rosid fans are eagerly waiting…..sandya did u get any news abt rosid????

    1. Ya v rosid fans r dying to c rosid..

    2. dont now dear.. till now i saw in youtube pari back.. rosid and anjanli didnt back… me to wating for them.. i think next week or after that they back.. at last at the end of this track they have to back only.. missing rosid badly….

  14. Dragging dragging…wen they r going 2 show rosid 2 us…miss u rosid

    1. Ikr this serial is just dragging and it’s not even realistic. I mean witches? Come on! It’s the 21st century

  15. i agree with u Razia

  16. Fdg its deepika samson

    1. it is kakkar her real surname.. samson was her surname from her ex husband

  17. Hai friends, who is kakkar pls tell me

  18. khushi there is a girl with that name in ssk and she is full of bakwaas

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