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Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Indra says tomorrow is my third and last day. Sid says but you.. Sujata says dont say anything. Sid says but she.. Mata ji says she is right. Take him to temple he will feel better. Indra says i will go to my room and rest now. The pooja plate from sujata’s hands slips. Everyone hears it except indra. Simar says in heart couldn’t indra hear it. Simar asks sujata to drop the plate again. She throws something in temple but indra couldn’t hear it. Simar says so this means she can’t hear whatever happens inside temple.

Simar tells everyone that indra can’t hear anything. Simar says I feel like indra is plotting something against us that we can’t see yet. She beaten me up in dance and she left. then why she came back? Why she brought sid back?

There is some purpose behind it. Sujata says but she told us what she came here for. Simar says i can’t trust her. She has some other purpose to serve. The books mata ji gave me were torn apart in my room. Sujata says she has lessen our pain. Simar says maybe she is doing this because she doesn’t want us to know her secret. Sujata says why is she scared of those books? Simar says maybe she knows that we are trying to find her secret out. One book was left. When i started reading it. I heard something, when i came downstairs. Sid was out of pot. When i returned my room some pages were missing. mata ji says she is upto some big game. simar says we still dont know what she is gonna do tomorrow. Mata ji says we have to be careful till tomorrow. We have to get prem and roli back first.
Simar says whatever we have to talk about her we will talk in temple. Maybe she is keeping an eye on us right now as well.
indra is looking at them and says simar i have answer to all your attacks. I wont let you know my secret.

Sid comes to prem’s room. He caresses prem’s face. Sid picks roli’s pot and recalls his moments with her. Sid is in tears. He says i am so helpless i can’t do anything for you. Simar and amar come in. Simar says she is not away from you. She can hear and see you. She must be in tears to see you crying. Sid says she is my breaths. I wont let her cry. Everything will be okay. I hope we dont get stuck in a new problem. Simar says we will face it together. Amar says lets go downstairs to talk about rest. Sid says like indra brought me back she will bring roli and prem back as well. Lets go downstairs, i am hungry. Simar says in heart i know indra is somewhere near. Indra is standing on he back.
Sid says i am hungry, simar says first for the pooja. They go to temple. Sid pretends like he is doing the pooja. Indra says i cant even enter the temple. Amar says i have an idea. Do you remember the woman. Indra said she has nothing to do with that woman. She was concealing something. Maybe we will find something there. simar says sanju told us indra has killed her. Amar says if we go to her place we will find something about her. She definitely knew something about indra. Simar says you are right. They come out on table and start eating. Jhanvi serves indra. Jhanvi drops a spoon. Simar says are you not okay? You should go and rest. Jhanvi says my head hurts, i will do breakfast in my room. Indra says is everything okay? Simar says maybe she is tensed. she will be fine. indra says send her to me i will take her worries away. Simar says no she will be fine. Indra says where are sid and amar?

Precap-Sid and amar are in the house of old woman. They find a piece of paper that has simar’s picture on it. indra comes in, sid and amar hide.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ssk: simar’s smart plan against indravati, sid brings roli back
    the current track of ssk shows that indravati tears the book which has her secret.
    simar tells mataji that she has some past connection with indravati and gets shocked to see that the book is completely ruined.
    simar feels that indravati is responsible for this.
    siddanth returns home with indravati’s help but simar realizes thatindravati has a big motive to bring back sid and helping the family.
    it will be now seen that simar, siddanth and amar will make a plan against indravati in which they will talk each other quitely in the temple as they know that indravati cannot enter the temple since she is dayan.
    indravati will try to listen their conversatiion but she fail to do so.
    furthermore, siddanth will reach indravati’s house and will release his wife roli from the black magic trap.

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    1. what is full form of ssel cas and tmkoc

  3. Un-natural and bit boring, but quite somewhat intresting, for what’s going to happen next .. better track than mohini…!!! and reshimi gosh is playing her best part and her voice is too good as dayan… :)..!!!! hope to see Sid and roli again…!!

    1. Agree wid u… her voice is really beautiful…. even her expressions and projection is very good and elegant

  4. Yup its better than mohini’s track a bit excitement to know what happens next

  5. Indravathi looks beautiful and innocent. Make her good soul.

  6. Ya me too feel the same.indravatis tarck is somewat beter than mohini.but stil mis rosid ….

  7. Why don’t u post every written episode of Piya Rangezz! And we can’t even comment on Piya Rangrezz latest 2 pages!
    Not fair..

  8. It’s a waste serial
    Very far from realistic happenings
    I feel bored Seeing this serial
    Hope this serial ends soon

  9. super episode.indravati looks very beautiful

  10. super serial sid and amar saw simar photo wat happen next waiting for today episode prem and roli come back soon. simar, amar, sid, plz bring them….

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