Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 1st October 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Uma says what you wanna show by this care and all? Why you try to the mother of the baby? Look simar you are aunt of my grandson why you act like his mom. I know ver well what you want prove. Mataji intrudes and says that what happened that you are talking to simar like this. Uma says i know this is your house but i can’t see this injustice with my daughter. Simar by caring the baby all the time wanna show that she only care about the baby. She is creating differences between Pari and her son. She is doing this because she never get to be mom of a son. She is just trying to conceal the shorcoming that she is mother of a daughter. Sujata says that we consider no difference between girl and a boy. Roli says what era are you talking about ? Girls and boys are equal.

Uma says these things are good to hear but reality can be seen. Mata ji says i know simar she can never do something like that. And we don’t make any difference between our sons and daughter. Simar is the light that lightens our house. We trust her blindly. Simar can’t say anything. When you were buying gifts in Chandigarh at that time the same simar was treating aarav like her son. You are our guest we have to respect you but i am telling you never use these words for simar again. Uma and Pari leaves. Mata ji says to simar don’t take what she said on your heart she doesn’t know that how strong our bonds are. Her words don’t effect us. Forget what she said. Mausi ji says she can’t understand our love forget it. We have to prepare for tomorrow. Our daughter is going to be married.

Scene 2
Shaureay remembers his time with Janvi. Janvi on the other hand thinks about the proposal. She is reluctant. Shaureya remembers her smiling on the dinner. Janvi remembers him whispering, I like you in her ear. And the ways he said i love you and gave her the rose. She is smiling. Shaureya call her. She receives the call. He says i have called to thank you because you accepted my friendship request. Janvi says you should not have called at this time. Tomorrow a proposal is coming I have to sleep. She disconnects the call. She wonders why is it hurting her?
Shaureya thinks how is this possible how can she get married.

Scene 3
Sujata is worried that no arrangements have been done so far. Maa asks Pari to make laddu and breakfast. Pari says maa don’t you worried we will handle all the things. Uma says there is no nedd to make breakfast you should buy it from the market. Mausi says that we will do all the things by our hands for our daughter. She is our princess. Uma says yes i can see that even the daughter in law that gave birth to the boy is working as well. Pari says its not like that mom. Its my only sister in law’s big day. my responsibility is to work to make this day special for her. Uma says to sujata look how good manners i have taught my daughter. Mausi ji instead of working she is always speaking.
All of Janvi’s brothers comes in and they have all brought different sets for janvi and everyone say that janvi will wear my set. They are all showing off their jewlery. Sid says mine one is of latest vogue and janvi is the girl of this age she will love it. Prem says look mine one is so royal. Sujata says you guys are saying like its her wedding today. Its just her proposal coming today she is not getting married yet. Prem says we know but she is our only sister and we are four. And we got her after a long wait.From here to her wedding day, We want to make all her days special. She is our princess. Mausi ji suggests why don’t you all ministers show all the sets to the princess and she will select her by her own.

Scene 4
Roli and Simar are showing dresses to Janvi. Janvi says stop it now i am so confused just select one and give it to me. Roli brings a yellow saari. Simar says that this is the best one. all the brothers come in the room. Janvi is startled. They all show their two sets. Prem says look this is more beautiful. Janvi says you have got me in trouble. Janvi asks the to close their eyes and she will select one and wear it. She wears ear rings from one and necklace from the other one. She says how can i live without you guys and a sister can’t create differences between her brothers.She hugs prem. Simar says now it had been done now give your sister some time to get ready. Simar and roli are going as well and ask her to get ready. She remembers the rose Shaureya presented.

Precap-Shaureya jumps in to Janvi’s room she asks her to go. He says i have never done this for anyone. I love you janvi. Janvi is backed against the wall he is so close to her and simar comes in the room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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