Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Roshni doubtful about Anjali’s goodness

Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali asking Sanjana to bring plate. Sameer says he has an idea and asks Sanjana to share plate with him and give her plate to Anjali. Anjali says whenever wife and husband have food with same plate, their love increases. Piyush jokes that they have to wash single plate only…Everyone laughs. Roshni is tensed and worried. Piyush comes and asks if there is anything. Roshni tells him that Anjali dropped the cup which Sameer brought for Sanjana. Piyush says she is doubting unnecessarily. Roshni says we had trusted Bhairavi, but she didn’t change. She turns and sees Anjali standing. Anjali tells Roshni that she went to market and bought similar cup which was broken by her hand mistakenly. She says she came here to show her the cup and tells that she has done wrong in the

past and it is difficult to trust her. She goes. Roshni and Piyush feels bad.

Sanjana sees raksha kawaj broken and is shocked. Sameer comes there and asks what happened? Sanjana tells him that raksha kawaj is broken. Sameer asks her to ask Simar to bring it. Sanjana keeps it in the in house temple. Suddenly lizard falls on Sanjana, she shouts and is about to fall down from the stairs, but Sameer holds her. He laughs seeing the lizard and asks if she is scared of lizard. He asks her to see his pic whenever she is scared, and teases her. Mata ji asks him to stop joking and says she needs to talk to Prem and others. Simar asks Sameer to go with Sanjana.

Simar tells Mata ji that it was Prem’s idea fully. Sameer and Piyush come there. Prem says he has decided to retire and says Sameer and Piyush will handle the business. Sameer says how can I take your place. Simar says we think you as our son. Sanjana says Sameer will work more than Piyush and take business to new heights. Pari claps and asks why didn’t you take the decision when Aarav was here, and says he also worked for this family business. Simar asks what you are saying. Pari says Prem wanted to handover business to his son and damad and that’s why waiting for Aarav to go. Simar says you are thinking wrong. Paris says you took advantage of the situation. Piyush says Maa and Papa loves Aarav more than me and got him married to Ananya going against you. Pari says they have sent Roshni to office and made Ananya worked at home. Mata ji asks her to stop it and tells that Aarav studied law from London because of Prem and Simar and he will become great lawyer. Simar says we didn’t send Ananya to office as she was newly married.

Pari says she is not convinced and tells that they always differentiated between son, nephew and daughter. Prem asks what do you mean? Pari says even Anjali has a right on the business. Anjali says ofcourse I do have the right, but not on the business, instead on my family, have the right to be with him and says she is with Prem in his decision. She says she has realized that time is important when she was in coma and wants to spend time and don’t want to learn. She says she wants to learn from Simar many times. She says she wants to learn head massage from Mata ji. She wants to learn to keep smiling in every situation from Piyush, Prem and others. Mata ji says she is proud of Anjali.

Pari tries to instigate anjali against Sanjana as she sees their anniversary pic. Later Sanjana is tied in the room and screams.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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