Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Simar is blindfolded and running after Sanju. She slips. Prem comes in and holds her in his arms. Vikrant asks Sanju to go in. Simar stands up. Prem says I tried to tell my self to stay away from you but simar I am here again to apologize. I couldn’t fulfill the promise I did. I can’t give surbhi your place. I will accept my child and love him like a dad. I am going to London for a few days. Let me know your decision before I leave. Forgive me for my sin. The only repentance of my sin is to stay away from you. He is about to leave. simar says please stop. Listen to me. Prem says don’t say anything. I know I have lost you but I love and you can’t stop me from doing that. THis is my punishment. I will be craving for you all my life even when you are in front

of me. I don’t want to be the reason of your tears anymore. I won’t be party of your life anymore. I will pray that you stay happy. Good bye. Song ‘Rabba’ plays in the background. Simar is in tears.

Scene 2
Surbhi is upset in her room. Pari comes to her and says focus on your self. You have to take care of the child in your womb. Leave prem upto me. I wont let him ruin your life. If he thinks he can do what he wants he is wrong. I will make him pay for all your sufferings. .

Prem is on his way to Airport. He recalls siamr giving surbhi’s hand in his hand. A truck comes in front of his car. Prem’s car is about to hit it but the drivers saves in the end. Prem gets out of the car to check the truck.

Simar is doing the pooja. She recalls her happy moments with prem. Her hand gets burnt with the candle and the sindur falls on the floor. She says its not good sign. Is prem okay? He will be fine. Please God take care of Prem.

The truck driver hits prem.

Scene 2
Surbhi serves breakfast to the family. She says I know roli must have made it. Mata ji says everyone grew up but you didn’t. Mausi ji says heart should always be of child. Mata ji asks sid did prem call you? SId gets a call. He says its an international call must be prem. He is shocked to listen what the latter tells him on phone. He says let me check. Mata ji aks what happened? Sid calls airport and asks them to check if prem boarded the flight or not. Sujata says waht are you asking them? the man says prem hasn’t boarded his flight. Sid is shcoked. Mata ji says what happened? He says prem hasn’t boarded the flight last night. Everyone is dazed upon listening this. Mausi ji says where has he gone then? SAtu calls prem but his phone is off. Sujata I am really worried for him. Rajhinder says he isn’t a kid. Sankalp says let me call cops.

Simar is also worried for prem. She says why I feel so restless. She says please GOd take care of my family and Prem ji. She gets a call, its roli. Roli tells her about Prem. She is dazed. vikrant comes in her room. He asks simar? are you okay? She tells him that prem has boarded his flight and his phone is off as well. we have to go home. He says yeah lets go.

Inspector says, we are trying our best to find prem and his driver. surbhi is crying hard. Mata ji says he will be fine don’t worry. simar comes in. She says what is happening. mata ji says we don’t know where is he? police is trying to find him as well. inspector gets a call. He tells that 16 hours have been gine since prem is lost and there is no report of accident in this span. There are two possibilities either he has gone somewhere himself or there has been some great trouble to him. inspector says you were the last person he talked to. Give me your address. Vikrant gives him address and says Prem left at 10 and till then everthin was normal. sujata says please save him inspector. Khushi gets a call. SHe goes on a side to receive it. roli notices her talking on the phone. She says everyone is worried for prem and khushi is talking to someone.Is she involved in all this?

PRecap-mata ji says simar this is such a good news. Now go and bring him. Mata ji says a shopkeeper has seen prem and khushi, roli and simar are going to meet that guy. He is relative of khushsi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sry yaar but precap is not clear.we got diffcult to understand.

  2. I don’t understand the precap, can anybody explain it please?

  3. Me neither.but if khushi is back to be the villain thats supperb coz there is no better villain in ssk than her

  4. After simar find prem all family know to that surbhi is lying about her pregnancy and stab simar they will kick. Surbhi out of family. Then simar and prem getting married but. Vikrant will kidnapped simar

  5. Earlier it was surbhi n now vikrant … will simar n prem ever be together ????

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