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Sasural Simar Ka 1st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanda says now you will tell me who is helping you Simar? How have you done this?Simar says I don’t have power to change the phase of your story. This is God’s power. Look at this mangrasutra this is so powerful. This is God’s blessing. Everyone there is your character why would they help me? You still didn’t get that I and Prem are bound by God. Prem is mine and will always be. Maani says you speak well but I know you are playing something and this game won’t last very long because if you are dodging me then I will do the same. Now see what I do. She disappears.

Sujata says what will happen now Simar. In story, they see chanda coming to Mataji. Mata ji says what is all this stuff? Are you going abroad? She says I have postponed the trip till wedding.

I thought I should get house renovated. Can I stay here for some days? This ways I can know Prem better. I can stay in hotel if you want. Mataji says no no this is your house you can stay here. She says to prerna put her stuff in guest house.
Mata ji tells Chanda house address for jeweler. Simar notices it. Prerna says in heart why did chandan maani make mata ji say the address? The story disappears.

Simar had noted down the address. Simar says mata ji hates you all. I will bring them here. Jhanvi says but how can you go alone. Simar says God is with me don’t worry about me. Sujata says God is with you. Sujata says I know you are worried but God will fix it all. Simar says I hope God forgives me. Pari says take care simar. Simar says where is my phone? uma gives her. Simar leaves.
Maani shows mata ji picture of simar and says this is the same woman who provoked Prem.
Mataji says I know how to handle people like these. Prerna overhears this.

Mataji comes to sid and shows him picture of simar. She says she is the one. Sid says if I see her I will kill her. Mata ji says this time she does something we have to kill her. Mata ji says I give you 7 days. Prerna says i have to stop simar from coming here.Mata ji stops prerna and says where are you going? She says to buy vegetables. Mataji says did someone ask you? Thats not your work. We decide who stays in and goes out. Stay here.

Simar is looking for the address. Prerna says simar will come here and then they will kill her. I have to do something. She comes to sid’s room and looks for the phone. Sid says what are you looking for? She says I was just cleaning. He says I let you go last time won’t do the same. Prerna goes out.
Simar comes to the house and rings the bell. PRem says let me check. Chanda says sid will open it. Sid opens the door and sees Simar.

Precap-Maani says you know what will happen if I touch her. Maani touches anjali. Simar says no. Anajli becomes still.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please, do something, chandramani ned go from ssk. She not nice.matarani help Simar.

  2. Simar you are a real bahu for barathwaj bariwar.

  3. I am confused. Is it time travel?

  4. Reunite Prem Simar soon

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