Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Roli is hospital. She asks doctor why he doesn’t remember the bruise? Doctor says let results come then only we can say something. Nurse comes in sid’s room. Its the same lady. she smiles at him. He says hello sister. Roli is also coming towards his room.
She comes in. Roli says why are you alone? Where is the nurse? Sid shows his arm and says test is done.

At night, Anjali says mata ji play hide and seek with us. Please. Simar comes in. sanju says please mata ji. Simar hides whats in her hand. Mata ji says your mom is here after hearing lecture from teacher. Come play with these kids. That is what your mom should do. anjali says mama please play with us. Simar says okay. Anjali says we will hide and you will look for us. Simar finds them, she finds anjali

and nirman nears stairs. Simar looks for sanju. She can’t find her. Simar opens a window and sees flame. She gets scared. Simar comes to sanju’s room. Simar sees Sanju’s feet. She goes under table. Sanju is disguised as little bride. Sanju says I saw a girl wearing this on laptop, I found it in my room and wore it. Simar says change it right now. Anjali says you look like that laptop girl. Simar says what laptop are you talking about? Simar says I am coming in a moment. Simar checks the laptop. SHe hears some mantra in it and cry of little bride. Simar sees little bride, she is trying to say something. Someone grasps her arm. Simar says who is this woman. What is she doing with her? Malti reads some mantra. Simar sees her back. Malti lits fire. Suddenly the screen goes off. Chantu says simar are you okay? The switch of latop is burned. Simar says I am okay.
Mataji comes out and says what is wrong? chantu says I called simar to ask what she will make in lunch tomorrow? Mata ji says okay right. Go everyone in room and sleep. Sid slips his hand is cut, its bleeding. Chantu says in heart thats right. mata ji presses his hand and blood drips. Sid says what are you doing? Roli says mata ji leaves his hand, its hurting him. Mata jio says its from rusted metal, I am dripping dirty blood. Sid screams with pain. Mata ji says go and dress his wound now. you too go, wife’s servant.

Roli says sid you.. he says dress it. Roli dresses his wound, she asks whose kurta are they? He says mind. She says you said you don’t like kurtas. He says so? You wear sari and dress. did I ask you? I planned on changing my style.
Pari sees blood drop and says I have to clean it up. Mata ji kicks her. Pari says I was cleaning it. Mata ji says go to your room. Mata ji saves the blood in injection. Simar sees mata ji doing this.

Precap-Mata ji picks the feather. She throws it out. Sanju is on balcony. She says mata should I jump? Little bride shoves her. Simar screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. in today sbas segment avika and manish interview regarding avika quitting..after march she quits.. march is last month for avika in ssk.. wu of segment.. “aviman said hum dono kudh rosidians haikud play karte hai to very lukky, ,toh hum logon ka sirf kahana ye hai ki , thats what they feel like rosid karab nahi hona chahiya, change nahi hona chahiye,so they (actually its both thought) really feel like hum donoka character saath me marna chahiye.actually ishq jaade, something really kind of dramatic super dramaticsallo fans want rosid scenes tabi toh fan following bahut hai.we would really want ki the end jo hai woh chahathe hai as talking kayamat se kayamat,something reallyextradinary out of the box its gonna amazing..” avika said to fans and promise she wont miss sid,rosid end hotha bi toh aviman will not end shayad hum jaada milenge bahut masti karenge, if they get time to meet once in 10days they will took selfe and put it in insta or other to connect with rosid fans. they try to connect with fans..

    1. Hey sandya i cant understd hindi could u translate in english

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