Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Sasural Simar Ka 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says i dont wanna play with you anymore and dont ever think i will bet on simar. Rajveer says think about.. Prem says shut up and leaves.

Rajveer says i am not using naag maani so they are responsible for their loss, i want to shatter their relations, I will make prem bet on simar. i wont cheat and i wont use the maani.
Sujata says prem is so late how will simar eat something. Mausi ji says to prem how can i our plan flop. He says we will make it before tonight maa.
Prem comes home. he looks at simar and recalls what rajveer said. simar says where were you? we have been waiting for you? simar says you sounded happy on call? you said you will bring everything home. what happened? prem says pardon me simar, i couldn’t gift you what i wanted to. Simar says

you are my present. The most precious gift for me is you. I pray that we always stay like this forever. We will face everything together. Prem hugs her. Mausi ji sees them and says i can’t see them happy like this i have to answer them. What will we answer to the person who has helped us being here. Rajver says dont worry we wont disappoint that person, i will come home when we talk. Rajveer says nothing can get you out of my game prem.

Maya overhears them talking, she says there is someone helping them? i need to know who that is. i need to know what new game are they playing.
simar starts the pooja. Prem recalls what rajveer said and then simar saying that you are my real gift, i want to face all these problems with you. Simar tells him about sid. He is dazed and happy.

Mausi ji says aryan come here. Prem says our family is doing pooja here and you are not part of us so stand there aryan. Mausi ji says when will this pooja end? The people who are done should go in. mata ji says simar get done with your pooja we are going to our room. Prem says pardon me simar. simar says why are you apologizing, you were not here but you were with me. She says i know you must not have eaten something. come lets eat together. he makes her drink water and they both make each other eat. Prem says if i make a mistake will you pardon me? Simar says i can’t answer that prem. Because i know you never will. Whatever you have decided, they were all taking me and family in consideration. they can never be a mistake. prem hugs her, simar says lets eat i am hungry i know you must be too. prem says you trust me so much, simar says i know you still blame yourself. Prem and simar make each other eat they are both in tears. Prem says i dont want to give you any kind of pain.

Maya says one thing is clear, there is someone else as well who is helping them. That man is more powerful than them. That man is interested in my maani as well. who could it be? Roli says who could it be? simar says we will figure that out soon. Rajveer comes home and says aryan. sid says dont worry i will manage. Rajveer says all of you come downstairs. They all come. Rajveer says aryan you are coming from that room where mata ji and her family was talking? Sid says you asked me to keep an eye on them so they don’t conspire against you. Rajveer says aryan you have to kick out every member of bhaardwaj family from my house. Rajveer says kick them all out. Mausi ji says can’t you hear what you master is saying? or is it something wrong with you? Sid says in heart i am sorry mata ji but i have to stay aryan if we have to win our house and stuf back. mausi ji says let me help you, she shoves them out. mata ji says stop it we are going. Khushi says why should we go? what is our mistake? pari says where will we go? uma says mausi ji make us your servant we will live the way you want us to. mata ji says i wont live here for a moment, simar says we cant leave this house. mata ji says if we stay here things would go worse. pari says mausi ji please dont kick us out.

Precap-Rajver says if you play on simar, i wont kick your family out. i have the maani and i can get anything by using it. Follow me if you want to play it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sayantani ghosh to enter ssk:
    she play challenging role. reports coming in state that her entry will provide a big twist in the tale. she will play the role of princess in jaipur, who have mani which is more powerful than nagmani which rajveer has.
    i think she help bw family.. but they didnt gave about her role has positive or negative… they said challenging role thats it…

    1. Really sandya?? Thnx fr da update

  2. by reading this is new entry will helping rajveer and mj… or khushi is helping . them????? who is helping them????

    1. means reading today episode who is helping them ???

  3. How will sid kick out his own family members from the house?

  4. Oh nooo stupid rajverr!! Poor prem….now simar will slap him if does this

  5. Simar will slap Prem for putting her at stake and not caring about her dignity. Prem totally deserves it. He has demoralised her and given her immense pain. He’s a bad husband and this scene will bring satisfaction to feminists like me.

    1. Agree wid u but prem has no other option to save his family

  6. No other option annah toh sell ur own wife wow kya idea hai na phir wapas eisa koi problem ho toh sell anjali (his daughter) phir next we’ll sell mom also gud solution this to sell ladies na

    1. 🙁 🙁 you r right

      1. I didn’t mean prem is ryt…….I totally agree wid you….but even in Mahabharata it was done! So by preferring that I told….so plz don’t get me wrong

  7. in mr.kaushik ki paanch bahuein her role is super as nayana… we have to see her character is is positive or negative what you think guys plz tel me about her role in ssk?

  8. No its alright annah but frm mahabahrat time they r staking their wives which isn’t fair na some girl left her own life to make ur life beautiful n u (prem) r selling her so need then sell urself but u don have this right. Her father grew her so big n gave her to u for this day to come?? Women must get respect from ancient times they’re faceing insults of such kind

  9. spoilers of this week:
    mj asks aryan to make sure that the family isnt seen in public. rb tells prem that his offer still stands.and that he will have to put simar at stake if he wants his home back
    mj tells prem that she will upload the video of the game played between rb and prem in online if he doesnt deliver simar to rajveer.
    prem tries to tell simar about his mistake. sid roli maya and simar discuss about the mysterious person leaving in jaipur. roli accompainess sid to jaipur without telling rajveer.
    maya remineds prem thatit is his marraiage anniversary.sid is challenged to a duel involving swords by a lady who is covering her face . rajveer tries to force simar wear bangle.
    rajveer informs family that prem gambled simar and lost simar to him. mataji asks prem to tell her the truth. mj plays back a video of prem agreeing to stake simar.. sid defeats rajkumari.

    1. Interesting! Waiting for the epi wen this lady makes an entry

  10. Draggggging……

  11. poor sid how will he kick out his family

  12. i think new person is helping rajveer…

  13. prem comes to home and he knows about sid he wants to hug sid but mj comes they stops and when he said dialogue to sid is super…

  14. Satyani will fall for sid ohh no wapas rosid jodi break

    1. who told you that rosid seperated again???… plz tel me from where you saw this news and you are telling.. present track premar seperated so mostly ther is know seperation of rosid… tel me plz..

  15. Whoa whoa whoa this is dragging a lot! Maya should get her pear like ASAP and defeat rajveer and mausiji and kick them out. Y is this dragging so much and this serial is like going really boring too. Right

  16. Guyss if dat jaipur rani will fall in love with sid ? anyone knws means plz tell me guyzz..

  17. Omg, I hope that Maya will do something and get the BW out of this. She is the only, or maybe along with Amar, who is really able to think and solve problems. The other members of the stupid BW are just praying to Mata Rani every time. So annoying, goooo Maya

  18. I want maya back in action, plzzzz

  19. sit queitly and watch d show
    u guys have got nothing to do wid it
    go wid d flow

  20. ssk upcoming simar slaps prem:
    the upcoming episode of ssk will showcase some high intensity drama as prem will give simar to rajveer in return of his property and business.
    it will be seen that prem and simar’s married life will face a huge problem as rajveer will convince prem to give simar to him in return of his assests.
    prem will feel dejected as he could not save simar’s dignity.
    later, when simar comes to know about this that prem has sold her off to rajveer , she will not be able to control her anger and will slap prem.
    simar will also tell prem that although he has been unable to protect her and has sold her off to rajveer, she will not let rajveer to touch her.
    looks like prem and simar may now get seperated forever.

  21. by seeing last paragraph i was in shock that premar seperated forever unable to digest this news.. is it their seperation forever… but have some hope that when sid stabs himself he died rosid said that actual rosid end forever…… but with this twist again united so premar will also united hoping that they unite soon..

  22. is new entry seperating premar and rosid also again rosid going to seperate ah???

  23. new entry playing the role of princess who will control the lives of people around her. her character is portrayed as wealthy and elegant woman who is arrogant and bossy. she is very powerful and is willing to go any length to protect her secrect. and actual rajkumari age is 90yr old but with the help of some secrect items present herself in her 20s.

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