Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piyush and Roshini looks at dirty and small room, Piyush says I am sorry, I just found this room for us, Roshini says you dont have to say sorry, if you are with me then any place is like heaven for me, just give me sometime and I will make this into a beautiful house, they lovingly smile at each other. Piyush and Roshini starts cleaning room, Roshini is trying to boxes on shelf but cant reach, Piyush lifts her and helps her, he puts her down, they lovingly gazes at each other, muskurane ki wajah plays. They clean whole room. Piyush comes to Roshini and caresses her face. Roshi puts her head on his shoulder and rests. Roshini says I have learned from Maa that we should have lord’s Idol in house, let have idol which Maa gave us, he says whatever you say. They both make a small

mandir and puts idol there. Roshini brings family photo and puts it there too, Roshini prays that Maa give her strength to bear this tough time with ease. Piyush says you know this is our lives’ new start and you are cooking for first time so lets make something sweet, she says I will make your favorite sweetdish, he says yes and smiles.

Roshini starts cooking. She says I have less grocery so I cant waste anything, she avoids oil.

Ananya is working in kitchen, she tries to pour oil in pan but mistakenly pours whole container, Ananya says its way too much, she throws whole oil away in dustbin and starts cooking with less oil.

Roshini on otherhand makes sweet dish using very less oil. She serves it to Piyush, he says its superb, he makes her eat too, they feed each other and smile.

Ananya comes to her room after cooking and says I am so tired, there is so much work, my nails are bad too, lets have some shopping, she starts online shopping.

Piyush and Roshini lies on single bed at night, Piyush says I am sorry I know you are bearing problems because of me, you never had to all this work and now.. Roshini says you dont need to say sorry because with you, I dont find any problem as problem.

In morning, Simar is ready for mandir, She calls Sanju. Sanju comes there, Samir says where are you going this ready? is there some festival? she says we are going to mandir, he says temple? it fascinate me, can I come too? Simar says why not, come with us, Mataji says God’s house is open for everyone, they all leave.

Scene 2
Roshini is sleeping, Piyush comes there and good morning princess, she wakes up, he gives her tea, she says why did you make it? Pyiush says I am your husband, cant I make tea for you? she says okay prince charming, she drinks it and grimaces, he asks is it not good? she says its great, Piyush drinks it and says there is no sugar in it, I will put it, she says no tea is very sweet now as your lips have touched, Piyush laughs at her, Roshini drinks tea.

Samir, Sanjana, Simar and Mataji comes to mandir. Sanjana starts going in mandir but slips, Samir holds her before she can fall down, Samir checks her foot and asks if she is fine? Samir looks at her foot and says now we will have to do your operation, there is no other choice, Sanjana says shut up, they both laugh, Samir says sorry and holds his ears. Simar says Sanjana you sit here, you have sprain, Samir says dont worry, I am with Sanjana. Sanjana and Samir have funny banter. Sanjana says to Samir that you are not a doctor, he says I was in London, Sanjana laughs. Simar and Mataji looks at them, Mataji says your smile is saying that you are thinking same thing. Simar and Mataji comes in mandir and prays to lord. Simar gives pooja plate to priest. Outside mandir, Sanjana says to Samir that lets go inside. Samir holds her hand and brings her in mandir, they all pray. Mataji and Simar sees them, Mataji says why did you come inside? Sanjana says I didnt want to miss aarti, Simar says will you be able to stand in aarti? Samir says dont worry, I will take care of her, Samir holds her hand and balances her. Mataji and Simar smiles, Sanjana asks why you both are smiling? Mataji says nothing, you smile always. They do aarti.

Roshini prays to Lord and always bless my family and give me strength to make Piyush meet his family soon. Roshini comes in kitchen and says there is nothing to cook, what will Piyush eat? Some ladies come in her house, Roshini greets them. One woman says there was jagrata in street so we have come to give parsad, they give her Roshini thinks that God listened to me, women leave. Roshini says to Piyush that you are going on interview so take this parsad, he takes it, Roshini says I was thinking I should find a job too, do you have problem with it? Piyush says no this is very good idea, Roshini says I will start searching it, Piyush says as you wish Mrs. Roshini Bhradwaj.

Ananya says to Pari that I have to do whole house work and have to make Radha eat too, I am not able to give time to Aarav too. Simar, Mataji comes there. Pari says Ananya I know you do a lot of work, I wish I could ;hire servant for you but I cant. Mataji says Pari you should help Ananya in work and when did I stop you from hiring servant to help Ananya? Mataji says to Ananya that if you wanted help then you could have asked me, you can search servant and we will hire them, Simar says there is website from where you can search good servants, Ananya gets happy and says i will do it. Mataji says to Samir that you should go rest, we will meet you at lunch, I hope you will like it, he nods and leaves. Sanjana goes to put things in mandir, Simar and Mataji leaves too. Pari says to Ananya that your work is done, Ananya says I will bring laptop in your room, she leaves.

Roshini comes home and is sad, she says I thought I know many people and will get job easily but they say when time is bad then even your own people leave you, but I cant lose hope.

PRECAP- Ananya searches for servant on website, Pari, Khushi and Umi are there. They check list of servants, Ananya stops list and says whose name did I see? they are shocked to see Roshini’s application for maid’s job. Khushi says how this can be? Roshini Bharadwaj wants servant’s job? call her now, Umi says Ananya what are you thinking? call her. Ananya selects Roshini as servant.
Door bell rings, Simar opens door and is stunned, she says Roshini you here? Roshini says I have come here for job, Simar asks what job? Ananya says to be servant of this house, Simar is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Abhilasha

    What the hell….the girl who is really good at finance …is working as servant…come on rashmi Sharma mam its enough ………ya to end kr do …bina sae pair ki chize kb tk dikhaoge …who same track …..

  2. Day by day this show is becoming shit..oh god same track and issue every time…oh this anjali oh my god same think every time..pliz Mr or Mrs producer show some happy moment as well always KB ,Pari,ananya omg..we are just feb up..and always problem in simar life oh stop dragging the show we are just fed up…

  3. Oh my god day by day this show is becoming sheet..just fed up

  4. Pranav

    I dont get how the show is in the top 20 even after it lost its charm. Roli’s exit was why it lost its charm

  5. Wooowww what the drama….Baap k pass Paisa itna…Baap ka business sab chor k itni parhi likhi larki maid ka KAAM karegi woh b apne susral main…woooowww

  6. So when Roshni and Piyush left the house they also left the family business?
    Roshni can’t find a job in her dad’s business?
    So much nonsense just to make Piyush and Roshni victims

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